Nominate a Special Coach, Volunteer or Administrator for the VYSA Annual Awards * Hurry, the Due Date is September 7th

VYSA Awards Nominations


VYSA honors its members who have made special contributions to soccer in VYSA clubs and leagues in several different categories. Selections are made each year before the VYSA Convention where awards are presented. Those selected at the State level are nominated for Regional and National selection.


Nominations for the upcoming year must be collected earlier than has been required in the past.


If you have a coach, administrator, volunteer or young referee that deserves recognition for exemplary service, please go to our Awards page and send in your nomination for those deserving individuals before September 7, 2012.



We look forward to your nominations!



VA-DC Soccer Hall of Fame Nominations

Virginia DC Soccer Hall of Fame Nominations


The VA DC Soccer Hall of fame was set up to honor its soccer heroes with ties to Virginia and Washington, D.C.The Virginia DC Soccer Hall of Fame was started in 2001 with 11 inductees. In the years since many have been added and the Hall of Fame continues to grow.



With this Hall of Fame many deserving individuals’ legacies are properly preserved for their contributions

to the soccer community in our area.  Nominees are accepted in three categories:

  • Players
  • Meritorious Service
  • Veterans

For Information on making nominations, the criteria for selection, and the nomination forms, please click here.


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