Register now for the upcoming ODP tryouts!!  Players born between January 1, 1997 and December 31, 2001 are eligible to register for the Olympic Development Program. 

Please go to
www.vysa.com and click on the ODP tab at the top of the home page for further details concerning times/locations and schedules.

Be sure to register online for the ODP Tryouts.  The fee to register online is $40.00.  The fee to register onsite is $60.00.  Please see below for valuable information.


This is an overview of the significant benefits of playing US Youth Soccer and participating in the Olympic Development Program. We truly believe that no organization caters to the needs of the Elite player better the US Youth Soccer’s ODP. There are few places where a player is taken out of his club team comfort zone and put into tryout situations with other top players… often needing to play different positions and adjust to different coaches. Sounds like what happens often when you got to National team trials and to college or pros. This why the program – and in particular the Regional ODP – provides a platform where the developmental jump is more significant than virtually anywhere else.


- Elite training and events not available to anyone else and only available for elite players in US Youth Soccer.

- Ability to expand your soccer horizons by not only playing for your club and school teams, but also having the honor of representing your state and possibly the Region.

- Playing in domestic events verse the best of the other 3 regions in front of college and national team coaches.

- Playing in international tournaments with the top professional youth teams in the world.

- Ability and encouragement to play high school soccer and reap the social, athletic and academic benefits of being a student athlete.

- While the #1 goal of our program is to get players into our national teams, the main benefits are exposure to colleges and making your club/HS teams better through your development with us.

- Rosters of US Youth Soccer are capped at 18. That means you have the chance to play in every match your team has. We feel this is a major plus. You can’t get better without playing consistently.

- We are a bridge between your club and the top levels that cannot be provided by any other program. When you go through state and regional tryouts and camps you get exposed to different players and coaches just as you will if you have a national team camp or even when you go to college. Therefore a major advantage of this program is being better prepared for performing in environments out of your comfort zone.

- We will be part of the process of how you choose a school while helping you reach your highest level of play in order to be a part of a path to the pros and national teams.

The above highlights some of the many advantages of playing US Youth Soccer along with participating in the ODP. While we will do everything we can to make you a better player, you must develop a personal responsibility to improve and have a realistic evaluation of your performance. Through games, training, classroom and this journal you should be able to gain a lot from your ODP experiences.

Enjoy your time here and make the most of every opportunity you have. We look forward to working with all of you. 

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