Registration is Open for ODP Tryouts and Academy Identification


Time is running out!!  Secure your registration now for the upcoming ODP tryouts and the Academy Identification.  There is approximately one week left for online registration so don’t delay. 

Players born between January 1, 1996 and December 31, 2000 should register for the Olympic Development Program. Players born between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 2003 register for the VYSA Academy.

For information on ODP tryout dates and locations, click on the ODP tab - all information is on that page.

For information on the Academy program select the
District Academy Information tab to the left of the Home page.

Please be sure to register online for the ODP Tryouts at the following link. The fee to register online is $40.00. The fee to register onsite is $60.00.

The Academy ID registration can be found using the following link. The fee to register online is $30.00. The fee to register onsite is $50.00.

On-line registration will close July 22, 2012 for both ODP tryout registration and Academy identification registration, so don’t delay, sign up on-line and save $20.00.

Remember to please check our website for dates, times and other useful information about the Olympic Development Program and
the Academy

Information about the VYSA Academy

The aim of the VYSA Academy is to train boys and girls born in the year 2001, 2002 and 2003, who are interested in improving and upgrading their technical soccer skills.

The VYSA wants to be proactive in the development of committed players and influence their individual playing qualities.

1. Academies will be held in the South, Central, West, West Central and Northern parts of the state.
2. Training will be held, once a week, during the months of September, October and November, on a pre-determined date, at a designated location, in each of the five districts.
3. Players should attend an Academy Identification Day, during the summer, in each of the Districts. Every effort will be made to keep as many players as possible. However, we are beholding to the availability and size of the facility as well as the staff. Thus, some initial selecting may occur.

The coaching staff will be people of the highest quality. The staff is selected with integrity, soccer ability, age appropriate coaching skills and communication skills in mind. The staff will be selected by the VYSA State Technical Staff in conjunction with the District ODP Head Coach.

Training Focus:
The staff will be spending the majority of the training session working on improving the flair and technical abilities (control, passing, shooting, dribbling) of the individual player. They will also spend a lot of time on small sided tactics and repetitions such as 1v1, 1v2, 2v2, 2v2, etc. The focus is on training the detail of the soccer player so they are able to master the ball.

Training Fee:

Information about VYSA ODP

Each state in the USA has a boys and girls state select program called the Olympic Development Program (ODP). The purpose of this national program is to identify, train and showcase the best youth players the respective states have to offer. In order to do a thorough job of identifying the talent, the Virginia state association (VYSA) is broken up into four districts and one satellite district. The initial player identification stage begins with the District tryouts. A District Pool of players is selected from the District tryouts by our high level coaching staff. The District tryout registration fee is $40 online or $60 at the tryout site. The registration link is taken down seven days before the tryouts so registering online saves you $20. Once started, the District Pools will have ten training sessions. Players can also be added to the district pool, at any time, through the scouting of games. The district training sessions are generally held once a week on a Friday night or weekend day so as to minimize conflicts with other soccer activities the players may have. This year the fee for the District ODP is $295.00.

The last two training sessions for the District Pool are called the InterDistrict Scrimmages. These events are held in Williamsburg on two separate weekends. From these scrimmages the best players in the state (State Pool) are selected by the State Coaching Staff. On the first weekend, the districts will compete against each other. On the second weekend, the players will be mixed up or scrambled into different teams in order to compete against each other. Once selected, the state pools will have a minimum ten training sessions and a variety of events. The State Pool training fee this year is $305.00. Not every state pool player goes to every event. The teams are picked by the State Coaches but all players will participate at some time during the season. The events start in January with the North Carolina Friendlies, in February there is the Virginia Friendlies; we have an international trip in the March/April timeframe for two age groups. In June there is the Region I Tournament and in July the Region I camps are held. All events are priced separately and the budget is based on costs such as transportations, hotels, meals, coaches, etc. They generally range anywhere from $250 up to $650 per event. We try to keep the costs as low as possible for the players. The cost of camp can range from around $600 to $750.

There is financial aid available for those families that may need assistance.

For more information about the VYSA Olympic Development Program go to the VYSA web site at and click on the ODP tab at the top.


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