Presidents Cup Rules
Presidents Cup Competition
Virginia Youth Soccer Association
Welcome to the Presidents Cup, VYSA Competition. The information below includes rules of play and administrative information for the Presidents Cup 2014-2015 
Teams with an Official VYSA League Roster and US Youth Soccer Players Passes and born in the following year groups are eligible.
U 17 with players born August 1, 1997 or later
U 16 with players born August 1, 1998 or later
U 15 with players born August 1, 1999 or later
U 14 with players born August 1, 2000 or later
U 13 with players born August 1, 2001 or later
U 12 8v8 with players born August 1, 2002 or later
Roster Size and Continuity
A U14-U17 team must not allow more than twenty-two (22) or less than seven (7) players on its roster at any given time during the seasonal year.
A U13 team must not allow more that eighteen (18) or less than seven (7) players on its roster at any given time during the season year.
A U12 8v8 team must not allow more than fourteen (14) or less than 7 players on its roster at any given time during the seasonal year.
All teams are limited to five (5) transfers to the roster during a seasonal year.
No guest players are allowed.
A team must maintain at least 9 of the players that were on the roster at the State competition level. and must maintain at least 9 of these players through to the Regional  and the National levels. There is no freeze date and players may be added, released and transfered until the National finals are held. All VYSA registration rules apply and each team is responsible to make sure no league rules have been violated when players are moved.  The Presidents Cup roster will continue to be the league roster throughout the seasonal year. There will be no additional roster like State Cup uses. When the VYSA Champion goes on to Regional Competition, the league roster will be verified and an additional Presidents Cup roster will be issued.  If the roster is not maintained according to the Presidents Cup rules through the VYSA competition, the team will be declared ineligible for competition and the runner up or next available team will compete at Regional Competition.
Age Groups
A team may enter competition in the age group corresponding to the age of its oldest player.  
The Presidents Cup and the State Cup competition are separate with their own separate rules and administrative guidelines.  
For the Presidents Cup, any team registered with US Youth Soccer through VYSA and playing in a recognized league may apply. VYSA only recognizes VYSA travel leagues for the Presidents Cup competition.  A team may play in both the Presidents Cup and the State Cup (National Championship Series).
U12, 13 and U14 teams..Because the U12, 13 and U14 State Cup is held in the Spring, if a team should win the Presidents Cup in the Fall want to participate in the State Cup in the Spring, they will be able to do that. However, if the Presidents Cup champion from the Fall 2014 plays into the round of 16 in State Cup and wins that round, they may not keep the Presidents Cup Championship. The new rule of the Presidents Cup says that no team may be in the round of 16 in an age group in State Cup competition and go forward to Presidents Cup Regionals. If the team drops from the Presidents Cup and stays in the State Cup competition the 2nd place team or next available team in the Presidents Cup will go forward to Regionals as the VYSA Presidents Cup Champion. 
U15, U16 and U17 teams..Because the State Cup games will be played in the same season as the Presidents Cup (Fall) teams who have been eliminated from State Cup by September 20, 2014 and haven't reached the round of 16 may petition to enter the Presidents Cup after the  application deadlline. The petition must be made by calling the Presidents Cup Chairman with the request. All requests will be considered and no request is guaranteed.
Teams who participate in the round of 16 or one of the top 16 teams in a State Cup or State Championship competition or participated in the National League or the most competitive divisions of the respective Regional Leagues are not eligible to participate in the Presidents Cup. 
Any team accepted to the Region 1 Premier League or the Colonial League is not eligible to apply to the Presidents Cup.  
Teams who apply under these guidelines will be accepted. If no teams apply in any one of the age groups from U12 throught U17, both boys and girls, VYSA reserves the right to decide the additional format to be used to choose the team(s) that will represent Virginia in the Regional Competition, May 2015. This is to fulfill the obligation to the Region and the Presidents Cup Regional Competition.
Eligibility Rule Violations
Any violation of player or team eligibility rules will result in the forfeiture of any games in which an ineligible team or player has participated.  The coach is ultimately responsible for verifying player eligibility.
Notice of intent to withdraw or forfeit a game must be made to the Presidents Cup Chairman. Any team withdrawing from the competition after September 15, 2014 at 9:00 AM will lose their Presidents Cup entry fee.  Any team withdrawing from the competition through a game forfeit or other circumstances after the schedules are released and until the number of days designated by the Region before Regional competition will lose their entrance fee and be fined an additional 500.00 for the forfeit.
If a team forfeits games above the State Association competition (Regional or National Competition) inside the number of days designated by the Region for the Regional competition there will be an additional 1500.00 fine. If a team forfeits the Regional competition 5 days or less before the Regional competition is scheduled to begin another 3000.00 fine will be charged by the Region.  A additional fine will be imposed for a forfeit of National Competition after winning the Regional Competition. This fine will be set at 1500.00.
Regional and National Obligations
Teams representing VYSA at each of the competitions; Region 1 and National Finals must observe all US Youth Soccer rules and guidelines for those events. If it is determined that a team or its players have violated these rules and guidelines, a fine of up to $500 may be imposed by VYSA. This amount is above any fine amount that Region 1 or US Youth Soccer may impose.

Payment Obligations
Any amount owed by a team in connection with a Presidents Cup event  is an obligation of the team’s club. If any amount remains unpaid after notice to the team and the team’s club, VYSA may place the club and all of its teams in bad standing, rendering them ineligible to compete in any VYSA-sanctioned event.
Home and Away Designations
All home and away positions will be determined at random. The home and away designation will be for game management purposes only and will not determine where games will be held. Games will be placed on fields in any area in Virginia and the District of Columbia.   A team in the Presidents Cup may play all of their games away.  In the final games the team in the top of the bracket will be the home team. 
Game Sites
As a condition of acceptance into the competition, applicants must agree to play anywhere they are scheduled within the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia. Team officials are expected to inform their players and parents of this requirement prior to entering the competition. Game sites are assigned (and may be re-assigned) by the Presidents Cup Chairman, taking into account field availability, referee availability, travel distances, weather considerations, scheduling efficiency. This shall not be grounds for protest.
Game Officials

In all games:
Three (3) officials shall be assigned for each match.
 If an assigned official fails to appear at a  match within 15 minutes of the scheduled kick-off time, the coaches must try to agree to a substitute, and play the game. If the game is played, the results shall be official and no protest will be honored regarding the use of a substitute official or outcome of the game. If it is not possible to come to an agreement on a substitute official or if none of the three officials are available 15 minutes after the scheduled kick off time, the game will be rescheduled by the Cup committee and disagreement with the new scheduled time and place will not be grounds for protest.
In the event the game officials’ uniform color conflicts with either team’s color, the game officials will change colors.
General Rules of Play
Both teams and a maximum of four (4) team officials for each team shall take the same side of the field. Spectators shall take the other side of the field. The home team shall choose which side the teams will take. The Site Administrator, or the referee if no Site Administrator is present, shall decide upon other arrangements if required by site contingencies.

 No artificial noisemakers are permitted.

 The home team shall provide an appropriate size and quality game ball to the referee for approval. 

 Each field player (except goalkeepers) shall wear a numbered jersey. The number shall be affixed to the back of the jersey and shall be clearly visible. Each player must wear a different number. Numbered jerseys for goalkeepers are optional in the Presidents Cup competition.  Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from other players and referees.

 The away team shall have choice of colors. In the event of a conflict, the home team must change if so directed by the referee.

 The teams shall make available, on request, a copy of these Rules and Procedures for the referee.  
The winner of the VYSA Presidents Cup competition in each age group will need to laminate their passes prior to the Regional Competition. Player passes may be laminated at any time before or during the VYSA competition, but must be laminated by any team going to the Regional Competition in May 2015.  The referees in the VYSA State competition will accept passes that are laminated and those that are not.
In the all Presidents Cup competitions, State, Regional and National competition the team officials (coaches, trainers and managers) listed on a team roster must carry the US Youth Soccer member pass with a current photograph of the team official, and signed by a VYSA Registrar. These passes must also be laminated prior to check in at the first Regional games check in.  If your team does not have team official passes you must get these passes in preparation for use in the VYSA Presidents Cup games. These passes are the same ones used by your players and can be printed using the same Youth Leagues system. 
Pre-Game Procedures
In the U12 and U13 age groups
The home team provides the official Game Report form and the away team provides a "stick-on" roster. The complete Game Day Report is then provided to the referee.
In the U14, U15, U16 and U17 age groups
The home team will provide the official Game Report Form. This is the same game report form that the U12 and U13 age groups use. This Game Report form roster will list the 18 players that can participate in the match during that game on that day above the black line on the Game Report form and the players 19-22 that will sit out the game.. The players (numbers 19-22) may sit on the team’s bench but must be dressed in street clothes. They can wear no part of the team uniform.The referees may ask any player not listed as one of the 18 on the game report form and wearing any part of a team uniform to leave the team bench and the team sidelines.  At the time of the kick off, the roster of 18 players will be set and no changes can be made to the Game Report form. 
The away team will provide the "stick on" roster portion using the same process as the home team used on the Game Report form. This Report form will be presented to the referee.

Each team must present for inspection by the referee a copy of its approved VYSA league roster and US Youth Soccer Player Passes. The referee must check the US Youth Soccer Player Passes against (1) the players, (2) the Game Report form, and (3) the league roster. The referee will verify each player’s identity and verify consistency of the documents. Checking passes, players and rosters MAY NOT be waived by the referee or the coaches. The referee may prohibit the participation of a player whose identity cannot be verified or whose documents are inconsistent or improper. If checking of the league roster and passes against each player is not done, the coaches of both teams will be considered to be at fault. This may be grounds for a hearing on the validity of the game.

The league roster and the US Youth Soccer player passes must be available during the entire Cup match. They must be made available on request of the referee or a Presidents Cup official. 

Grace Period
Games must start when scheduled except:

A fifteen (15) minute grace period is given to each team to present its roster and the US Youth Soccer Player Passes to the referee for inspection.  Failure to comply results in a forfeit with no right of appeal.
A fifteen (15) minute grace period is given to each U13-U17 team which cannot field eleven (11) players at game time and U12 teams that can’t field 8 players at game time. After fifteen (15) minutes, the game will start provided that the team has at least seven (7) players. If less than seven (7) players are present at the end of the grace period, the team forfeits with no right of appeal and the forfeit fee will apply.
These two 15 minute grace periods will run concurrently and the game will start or be a forfeit no later than 15 minutes from the official scheduled game time.
Game Durations, Overtime, and Ball Requirements
Games shall consist of two halves of equal duration in accordance with the age group specifications included below under paragraph 4.
If a game is tied at the end of regulation, the tie shall be resolved by playing two equal overtimes according to the age group specifications. If tied after both overtimes have been played, penalty kicks in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game will break the tie.
Games shall be played in accordance with the following Age Group Specifications:
Age Group
Game Length
Overtime Periods (No Overtime periods during Round Robin play)
Under 17
Two 45’ halves
Two 15’ halves      size #5 ball
Under 16
Two 40’ halves
Two 15’ halves      size #5 ball
Under 15
Two 40’ halves
Two 15’ halves      size #5 ball
Under 13 & 14
Under 12
Two 35’ halves
Two 30’ halves
Two 10’ halves      size #5 ball
Two 10’ halves      size #4 ball
 Unlimited substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage of play except on corner kicks and penalty kicks.
 If a player or coach is cautioned or ejected in connection with a Presidents Cup game, the caution or ejection is to be recorded on the Game Report by the referee. Ejections must also be reported by email or telephone to the designated score keeper by the coach of the team involved.
 Players or coaches ejected from a game are prohibited from participation in the next following US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup game, whether it be the next VYSA Presidents Cup game or the first game of the Region 1 event or the first game of the National event.  (Presidents Cup suspensions are served only in connection with US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup games and have no bearing on league or other tournament play.) Each season the coach of each team must verify the eligibility of the players on his/her roster and determine if a sit-out is necessary. Ejections and cautions issued in connection with Presidents Cup play may be referred to the VYSA Board of Directors for further disciplinary action.
 If a player or coach is ejected from a Presidents Cup game, they must leave the field and the area surrounding the field. At no time is either the ejected coach or the ejected player to be close enough to the field to participate or comment on the game. The referee will send the player or coach off and will make the determination of the distance each must be from the field. If a player is ejected, the coaching staff or manager must make sure that the player ejected from their team is in the charge of an adult from their team. In other words, when a player is sent off and is removed from the sidelines, a responsible adult from the player’s team must be chosen to take care of the player during the remainder of the game.
Unfinished Games  
Unfinished games, due to any cause, will be replayed from the start, provided that neither team is at fault and play has not begun in the second half.  If play is stopped after completion of the first half, and cannot be resumed as determined by the referee and provided neither team is at fault, the Presidents Cup Rules deem the game completed. Should play be stopped at any time due to one of the teams being adjudged at fault, it shall be at the discretion of the Presidents Cup Director as to whether the game is to be replayed, stand as is, or declared a forfeit.
 Post-Game Procedures
The Game Report will be completed by the referee including cautions and ejections, if any. The completed Report must be signed by the referee and all other game officials. 
The completed Game Report is then provided to the winning team.
The winning team shall:
         ....call the Presidents Cup score reporting number with the game results within 30 minutes.  The winning team must also mail the Game Report to the Presidents Cup Director’s address within twenty-four (24) hours.    
 Protests, Appeals and Referee Assaults and Abuse 
-- A plea of ignorance to the rules and regulations of the competition is not sufficient ground for a protest or appeal.  --
Game Protests
To be valid and eligible for consideration, the protest of a game regarding a matter not described in paragraph  F below must be communicated and received, at least orally to
1. the referee and the opposing coach before departing from the game site; and 
2. the Presidents Cup Chairman within twenty-four (24) hours of the kick-off time of the game being protested.

Protest Documents and Fees
The protest must be delivered in writing, by hand, email or mail to the Presidents Cup Chairman to arrive within forty-eight (48) hours of the game being protested. Written protests must adequately describe the issue or incident under protest and the circumstances that apply. The protest fee of $300 must be by credit card or cash, certified check or money order made payable to VYSA. The fee, if not paid by credit card, must be express mailed to the VYSA State Office to arrive on the first possible business day after the protest is lodged. The Presidents Cup Director will provide a copy of the protest to the coach of the opposing team.

Protest Decisions


Protest Decisions - The Presidents Cup Director will apply all Presidents Cup Rules to the protest and will determine the validity of the protest. If a protest is determined to be valid, a committee will be formed to hear this protest. A protest shall be decided by a Protests Committee composed of the Director of the Presidents Cup and up to three others appointed by the Presidents Cup Director.
The decision of the Presidents Cup Director in determining a valid protest and/or a decision of a hearing committee may be appealed to the Adjudication Committee of VYSA. The appeal must be submitted in writing within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the
protests committee written decision. The appeal must be accompanied by credit card payment or cash, certified check or money order in the amount of $300 payable to VYSA.

Other Matters for Adjudication
Any other matter not involving a seeding decision, game location, game protest or the assault or abuse of a referee, assistant referee, or other game official under paragraph  F  below may be presented to the Adjudication Committee for adjudication. The request for adjudication must be submitted in writing not later than forty-eight (48) hours after the occurrence of the incident, written decision or issue in question, and it must be accompanied by credit card payment or cash, certified check or money order in the amount of $300 payable to VYSA.
Assaults and Abuse of Game Officials
The Adjudication Committee of VYSA has the original and exclusive jurisdiction over alleged assaults or abuse of referees, assistant referees, and other game officials by players, coaches, managers or other team or club officials. The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) requires that any player, coach, team or club official accused by a referee, assistant referee, or other game official of assault be immediately suspended from all soccer-related activities until a hearing on the allegation can be conducted.
Revised July, 2014
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