Tips for Protecting Youth Player Information on Your Web Site

Tips for Protecting Youth Player Information of Your Web Site

By Amy Pate

You may be a coach for your team or the volunteer web master for your organization.  Hopefully you have an easy tool that lets you publish text, graphics and photos to your web site with just a few clicks.  There is more you may want to consider when publishing to your web site. 
People generally want to promote their club, teams and accomplishments, but when dealing with youth players, here are a few tips to think about:
  1. If you are a coach, think about getting a team web site that's password protected.  Only other team members and their families can access photos and information about the team.  Bonzi offers password-protected team web sites through your club, so ask your registrar about getting access to that feature.
  2. If you are a club administrator, be sure you have permission to publish photos of your players on your web site.
  3. Never publish photos of youth players on your web site for public viewing and identify children in the photo by name or jersey number and their team.  Avoid using full names when at all possible. If game schedules are published on your web site along with player names, jersey numbers and teams, kids can be located and easily identified.  
  4. When publishing team photos, try not to identify individuals but rather talk about the accomplishments of the team instead of highlighting individual members by name.
Just a few tips that will help keep your kids safe.

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