VYSA Risk Management & KidSafe

Tournament Volunteers Must Submit A Kidsafe Application

Effective December 2008 - The VYSA Board of Directors mandated that ALL personnel working with tournaments MUST complete the VYSA Kidsafe Application

When completing it, select your CLUB and Tournament Personnel.

  Risk Management (KidSafe)

Procedures for Running Background Checks:

Soccer Safety Guide - Good Read for a New Season
Go to the Soccer Safety Guide created by Markel Insurance for tips
on keeping your players safe for the upcoming season.

To Run Background Checks...Additional Charges May Apply
Please Read Before Running Your Background Checks

Please Note - Important Information:

The background checks that VYSA has authorized is The First Advantage National Criminal File Plus for $3.10.  

Each club will now be billed directly from First Advanage for the background checks they run for their club.  When you are doing your background checks, this is the option you MUST select.  This option also searches the Social Security Registry and Sex Offenders Registry. 

Click here to access First Advantage to begin your background checks.  
If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Wilson at 540-693-1430

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