February 2011 Minutes Cover

February 16, 2011 Board Meeting


*1 Approval of Minutes -January Minutes Approved
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Financials in Order, Receivables in Good Shape
*2 Adjudication Manual-Board Approved Updated Manual
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Two Clubs in Bad Standing for Non Submission of Fees
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Registration Notices Being Sent by Constant Contact
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Registration Data Being Compared to Fees Paid
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Considering Advertisement on Web Site
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Convention Attendance Slightly Up from Prior Year
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Finance Committee Meetings Begin in April
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Donation to DC United Program for Underprivileged Players
*3 State Administrator’s Report-VYSA is Now on Facebook, Sign up to be a Friend
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Technical Directors Symposium at Convention a Success
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Free Weeknight Clinics Being Offered to Clubs
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Coaching Ed Courses for Spring Being Scheduled
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Coaching Ed New Staff Being Trained
*3Technical Director’s Report-New Level II and Goalkeeping Clinics Being Scheduled
*3 Technical Director’s Report-VYSA Hosted NYL and C Course Scheduled
*3 Technical Director’s Report-VA Friendlies Scheduled for February, Many Teams Entered
*3 Technical Director’s Report-95 Boys ODP to Compete in National ODP Championships
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Many Players Selected for Regional Activities
*3 TOPSoccer Report-Sessions at the VYSA Convention a Success
*3 TOPSoccer Report-VYSA to Host Region I TOPSoccer Symposium in March
*4 Soccer Across America Report-Sessions at the VYSA Convention a Success
*4 Soccer Across America Report-Information from NSCAA Convention Shared
*4 April Board Meeting Date Change-April Board Meeting Changed to April 12th
*4 DC United “Pack the House” Night Planned for Beginning of Season
*4 Secretary’s Report-Low Attendance of Registrars at Mandatory Session of Convention
*4 Secretary’s Report-Consequences for Registrars for Lack of Attendance of Training
*4 Secretary’s Report- Withdrawal Policy Required in Rules With Tournament Applications
*5 Secretary’s Report-New Club, Pocoshock Soccer Club, Approved for Membership
*5 Vice President’s Report-Soccer Complex Land Received Tax Exempt Status
*5 Vice President’s Report-Some Studies Complete, Others Still Needed for Land
*5 President’s Report-Finance Committee Report of US Youth Soccer to be Discussed
*5 President’s Cup Report-More Teams Needed, Deadline for Application February 22nd
*5 State Cup Report-Spring Applications Available February 17th
*5 Good of the Game-Jim Bonfils Appoint to Region I Presidents Cup Committee
*5 Good of the Game-Donna Merrill Added to TOPSoccer Committee
*5 Good of the Game-Board Asked to Keep Coach with Cancer in Their Thoughts

A. Treasurer’s Report
B. State Administrator’s Report
C. Technical Director’s Report
D. TOPSoccer Report
E. Soccer Across America Report

Other Items:
VYSA Adjudication Manual

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