September 2011 Minutes

PLEASE NOTE: This VYSA mailing is being sent to each members’ Chief Executive Officer presently on file at the State Office unless another individual has been designated to the State Administrator, Julie Caramanica. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL RECEIVING THIS MAILING TO DISTRIBUTE TO ALL APPROPRIATE OFFICIALS OF THEIR CLUB OR LEAGUE.

September 21, 2011

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, Inc., was called to order by President Denise Edwards at the Ramada Plaza Richmond West at 7:30 pm. Board members present were:

Denise Edwards President
Bob Maynes Vice President
Debi Honaker Secretary
Ken Bass North Recreational Commissioner #1
Steve Bender North Recreational Commissioner #2
Bob Sokolinsky Southeast Recreational Commissioner
John Singleton West Recreational Commissioner
Anne Thompson #2 WAGS Travel Commissioner
Chris Friant #3 VSLI Travel Commissioner
Karen Klumpp #5 ODSL Travel Commissioner

Board Member Jim Bonfils, Tom Gross, Roger Underhill, Bill Mueller, and Robert Helms were excused. Also present were Julie Caramanica (VYSA Administrator) and Gordon Miller (VYSA Technical Director).

A motion was made and seconded to approve the August 24, 2011, Board meeting minutes. The minutes were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report (Attachment A) was distributed. It was noted that the financial statements are in draft form until all income and expenses are recorded. The year end financial statements will be distributed once they are completed. Board and program members were reminded to submit any expense reimbursements for the past year (through August 31st) immediately so financial records can be completed before the audit begins.

The Board was asked to consider placing those who show long past due amounts in Accounts Receivable in bad standing. The Office was asked that a list be provided showing reasons for past due amounts for the next meeting, at which time the Board will consider players showing past due balances being placed in bad standing. It was noted that other State Associations place the families of playerswith past due balances, not just the player, in bad standing, since it is the parents who have not paid. If approved, this would mean no player from that family can participate until past due amounts have been paid. It was noted that bad standing would prevent players from playing at any level, not just the state activity for which they owe a balance.

It was noted that the VYSA State Office sends statements out every month to those with outstanding balances. Those whose balances are over 60 or 90 days past due have been notified several times. Payment are to be made immediately upon receiving statements or some communication is expected if payment cannot be made.

The State Administrator’s Report (Attachment B) was distributed. Julie Caramanica reported that notices for Fall fees and data have been sent. Fees and data are due October 1st. Current year insurance certificate access will not be sent until fees are received.

A comparison of registration data for the past three seasonal years was distributed to the Board. The comparison shows Registration numbers from the past seasonal year are up 3% from the previous seasonal year and up 2% from the highest year’s registrations.

Board members and program chairs were reminded that online registration and submission of conflict of interest and confidentiality policy paperwork for VYSA personnel is required within 30 days of appointment to a position. The State Office staff has spent many hours of follow up on those who have not completed those requirements for background checks. Those still negligent in submitting required information may no longer be permitted to participate until that information is completed.

The VYSA Soccer Convention is set for Friday, February 3, and Saturday, February 4, 2012, at the Richmond Center and the Richmond Marriott. Board members were asked to promote the event in their clubs and leagues. Attendance is the most important factor to a successful event. The schedule has been changed to have an Awards Reception on Friday evening and an additional session in place of the luncheon on Saturday. Lunch will be available for purchase at the concession stand behind Exhibit Hall. Communications will be sent to all those who register to inform them of changes.

Awards nominations are being accepted for each category. Board members were asked to communicate with their constituents about nominating deserving individuals from their clubs and leagues. Hall of Fame nominations are also being accepted.
Jeff Thoreson, former publisher of the VYSA Touchline, contacted the VYSA State Office about consideration of an online version of the Touchline for distribution by e-mail. Board members spoke highly of Jeff’s work in the past and were interested in exploring the possibility. It was noted that VYSA must be careful not to overcommunicate with its membership. Too frequent e-mails lead to recipients not opening e-mails sent from VYSA.

The US Youth Soccer Workshop will be February 14 - 18, 2012, in Boston. Those interested in attending should contact the State Office so registrations can be completed and room reservations can be made.

Wise County Soccer has asked VYSA to again allow its club to play non-members for this seasonal year. They are located in an area where there are few other clubs and not all are VYSA members. A motion was made and seconded to waive the requirement and allow Wise County to play non-members. The motion passed.

The Technical Director’s Report (Attachment C) was distributed. Gordon Miller reported on the number of courses conducted and the large numbers of candidates in some of the courses. There was some discussion on how to manage large numbers in a single course.

A new curriculum for the E certificate course has been developed and will be presented to State Association Technical staff before the Region I Fall Meeting in Boston. Staff training will need to be conducted to implement the changes.

VYSA hosted two National Youth License courses this past seasonal year and is looking at the possibility to do the same this year. VYSA has consistently hosted National C license courses each year, with the exception of only a few, for many years. This past year, VYSA hosted a C course at the Fredericksburg Academy and it was especially successful. It was very conveniently located with quality fields near classroom sessions. Dr. Dan Friegang conducted an interactive session on sports psychology by video conference, which helped reduce costs of transportation and overnight stay. A goalkeeping segment was conducted by Pat Onstad of DC United. Both individuals added quality to the course. It was noted that a number of attendees were from other State Associations and when asked why they chose to attend the course in Virginia, they indicated their decision was based on information indicating VYSA-hosted courses were of high quality.

Club development continues. Clinics have recently been conducted in several clubs. Parent education was held at Chesterfield United, introduced as “How to Help Your Child Improve”. There were over 125 in attendance and the session was very well accepted.

Updates are regularly being posted on the VYSA Web Site, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

ODP staff training continues in each district. Both District ODP and District Academies are training on a regular basis. Both programs are growing.
Bob Maynes reported on the expenditures on field usage for ODP, Academy, etc. from the previous year that could be conducted at the new site once it is completed. Some field sites outside the complex in local districts will still be used.

State Cup Director Anne Thompson reported that, due to some rain outs, Cup still remains in the round of 64, as the schedule remains until each round is completed. Anne reported that the transition with the new rule changes has gone well. Club passes are being used.

Anne Thompson reported that Presidents Cup applications have been received in every age group except U17 girls. The number of applications has grown as more teams are becoming aware of the Presidents Cup.

The Adjudication Committee Report (Attachment D) was distributed. Board members asked that the changes to the Adjudication Manual be considered next month after they have had time to review them and ask questions of the Committee Chair. It was agreed to vote on the changes at the next meeting.

It was reported that an individual has been suspended under Bylaw 252 for solicitation of a minor on Facebook.

Bob Sokolinsky reported he had attended the TASL meeting and presented information on TOPSoccer to them. He presented the Region I TOPSoccer grant check to Portsmouth Soccer Club and met with Churchland Soccer League, which has shown interest in the program. He has also spoken with Chesapeake United.

Bob attended Bishop O’Connell High School Service Day. He talked with those in attendance and expects volunteers from the school to become involved.

The Nickelodeon Wideworld Day of Play will take place in DC on Saturday, September 24th and TOPSoccer will be a part of it. Region I TOPSoccer chair Auke Wiersma will come in for the event and Loudoun and Gunston TOPSoccer programs will participate.

Denise thanked Bob for all his efforts in helping this program grow and stay active.

Denise Edwards reported that she is still working on the field complex agreements and gathering additional information. Nothing more has happened since the last meeting.

Debi Honaker reported there were two applications for membership were submitted for approval.

International Football Club in Manassas requested membership. They have 41 players for U10, U12, and U14 age groups. They have also requested Soccer Across America status. The Board expressed concern about clubs with so few players, but also noted the advantages in having them as members. A motion was made and seconded to approve International Football Club of Manassas. The motion was approved.

Patrick County Youth Soccer from Martinsville has reapplied for membership. Patrick County had been members some years ago, but let their membership lapse. They have reformed and would like to rejoin VYSA. They too have requested Soccer Across America status. Debi reported she has been unable to reach the club contact. She will try to communicate with them and bring their request for membership to the Board next month.

Debi reported that the Registration Manual needs updates. She asked the Board if, once finalized, the Manual could be sent electronically for an e-mail vote as most changes are housekeeping. The Board agreed.

The Board went into Executive Session. When the Board returned from Executive Session it was reported that Brian Kuk would not be able to serve in the position of VCCL Travel Commissioner and that Bill Mueller had been approved to fill that position.

VYSA has been notified that Brenda Down was selected for the Region I Hall of Fame. Brenda was one of several nominated by VYSA. Her family has been notified of the selection and was very pleased. Brenda is remembered often by all of those who worked with her and this selection is very well deserved.

Denise reported she had, after a visit to a family member in the hospital, learned of the Wounded Warrior Project. The project first began in Roanoke, VA, where back packs were put together to provide essentials for wounded soldiers. Virginia Rush has been accepted by the Wounded Warrior Project as a proud supporter to raise funds for the project. The project has been very successful and she hopes others will become involved. She asked VYSA include a link to the web site on the VYSA web site. A motion was made and seconded that VYSA contribute $500 to the Wounded Warrior Project. It was noted that many families in soccer have a family member serving in the military. The motion was approved.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm.
Prepared by 
Julie Caramanica
VYSA Administrator

Next Board Meeting is October 20, 2011, at the Ramada Plaza Richmond West.

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