November 2011 Minutes Cover

November 16, 2011 Minutes


*1 Approval of Minutes -October Minutes Approved
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Financial Reports Distributed
*2 Treasurer’s Report- Board Approves Bad Standing for Past Due Balances Due
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Most Fall Registration Fees Received, Numbers Up
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Many Still Missing Fall Registration Data
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Convention Registration Posted on Web Site
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Convention Sessions Discussed
*3 State Administrator’s Report-New Touchline to be Done Online
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Spotsylvania Collecting Christmas Cards for Military
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Women’s Professional Soccer and Playtex Sponsorship
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Good of the Game Clinics Well Received
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Coaching Education Courses Being Revamped
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Concern Expressed Regarding Longer Hours for Courses
*4 Technical Director’s Report-Exploring Online Registration for Coaching Courses
*4 Technical Director’s Report-Application for C Course Still Pending Approval
*4 Technical Director’s Report-Inter-District Scrimmages Take Place End Nov/Beginning Dec
*4 Technical Director’s Report-State Pools to be Announced Early December
*4 Technical Director’s Report-State Training Scheduled for Richmond
*4 Technical Director’s Report-International Trip Scheduled for France This Coming Year
*4 Technical Director’s Report-Convention to Show Rec and Travel Demonstrations
*4 Risk Management-Board Approves Better Background Check Screening
*4 Risk Management-Background Checks Only Small Part of Risk Management
*4 Risk Management-Board to Discuss Background Checks for Referees
*5 Adjudication Committee Report-Board Approved Update to Manual
*5 State Cup/Presidents Cup Report-Semi Finals and Finals Completed Together
*5 State Cup Report-Rule Changes a Concern, Teams to Contact Chair Before Any Changes
*5 Field Project Update-RFP to Engineers Complete, Reports to be Reviewed
*5 Secretary’s Report-Patrick County Membership Approval Reported
*5 President’s Report-Refund of Deposit from Last Lease Being Reviewed
*5 TOPSoccer Report-Auke Wiersmka to Attend VYSA Convention to Conduct a Course
*5 TOPSoccer Report-Rebate Being Offered to First 20 to Register for Convention
*6 TOPSoccer Report-Sponsors Being Sought to Help Cover Program Costs
*6 Good of the Game-VSLI Will Again Cover the Cost of Their Members at Convention
*6 Good of the Game- No December Board Meeting Scheduled

A. Treasurer’s Report
B. State Administrator’s Report
C. Technical Director’s Report
F. Adjudication Committee Report

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