March 2012 Minutes


PLEASE NOTE: This VYSA mailing is being sent to each members’ Chief Executive Officer presently on file at the State Office unless another individual has been designated to the State Administrator, Julie Caramanica. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL RECEIVING THIS MAILING TO DISTRIBUTE TO ALL APPROPRIATE OFFICIALS OF THEIR CLUB OR LEAGUE.

March 21, 2012

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, Inc., was called to order by President Denise Edwards at the Crowne Plaza Richmond West at 7:30 pm. Board members present were:

Denise Edwards President
Bob Maynes Vice President
Debi Honaker Secretary
Jim Bonfils Treasurer
Ken Bass North Recreational Commissioner #1
Steve Bender North Recreational Commissioner #2
Tom Gross DC Recreational Commissioner
Roger Underhill Central Recreational Commissioner
Bob Sokolinsky Southeast Recreational Commissioner
Dave Amsler #1 VCCL Travel Commissioner
Anne Thompson #2 WAGS Travel Commissioner
Chris Friant #3 VSLI Travel Commissioner
Bill Mueller #4 SOCA Skyline Travel Commissioner
Robert Helms #6 NCSL Travel Commissioner

Board Members John Singleton and Karen Klumpp were excused. Also present were Julie Caramanica (VYSA Administrator) and Gordon Miller (VYSA Technical Director).

The Board went into Executive Session.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the January 18, 2012, minutes. The January minutes were approved.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the February 22, 2012, minutes. The February minutes were approved.

Denise Edwards reported that US Soccer Vice President Mike Edwards was re-elected to that position at the Federation AGM.

US Soccer received a letter from the USOC regarding sponsorship requirements and logo usage in ODP. US Youth Soccer and US Soccer are working with the USOC for clarification on requirements of using that logo.

A report was received about a player in Florida who was born a boy, but believes he is a girl. It was documented by medical professionals that the individual is transgender. When traveling out of the country the player was issued a passport as a female. Upon returning to the United States, the player tried to register as female. The registrar objected; the case was appealed to US Soccer, who determined that the player should be allowed to play on a girl’s team.

The Board went into Executive Session.

The Treasurer’s Report (Attachment A) was distributed. Jim Bonfils noted that Convention revenue was lower than projected, but expenses showed great savings offsetting the lower revenue.

Jim was asked if the UBS account was showing a lower amount than before. He explained that some funds had been moved from that account, but the fund is doing well.

Debi Honaker reported that more information had been requested of the Italia
club seeking membership in VYSA last month. A motion was made and seconded to accept Italia into VYSA membership contingent upon payment of fees and proof of insurance. The motion was approved. Further information is still needed and will be provided at the next meeting.

A membership application was received from First Touch Sports Court in the Richmond-Chester-Midlothian area. The club has also applied for Soccer Across America membership. A motion was made and seconded to accept First Touch Sports Court into membership. The motion was approved.

The State Administrator’s Report (Attachment B) was distributed. Julie Caramanica reported that Spring registration fees are due April 1st.

Nominations for the VYSA annual awards are due to the State Office by Sept. 7, 2012.

VYSA received a question regarding young referees being paid. The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry confirmed that soccer referees are exempt from most child labor laws. Time restrictions and Employment Certificate requirements for minors under age 16 do not apply since our referees are part of an organization of referees recognized by the US Olympic Committee.

The online Touchline issue was distributed this month. Information about expense and income has been provided by the publisher, Sports Publishing International and was shared with the Board.

A thank you note was received from the Wounded Warrior Project for the contribution sent from VYSA.

Preliminary VYSA Convention details were reported. In general it was reported that:
• North area attendance was the highest
• Central area attendance increased over last year probably due to the convention being held in that area
• Attendance of coaches and referees was lower than last year
• Booth purchases were greater and income higher
-exhibitor service not contracted out, done in house
-booth fee increased from last year
• Advertising rate in program will be increased next year

The Technical Director’s Report (Attachment C) was distributed. Gordon Miller reported
that four Good of the Game clinics have been held in the past month. Early spring is typically a busy time for Coaching Education with many courses scheduled.

Three training sessions were held at locations around the state to familiarize 34 Coaching Education instructors with the new E License course. As part of the training each instructor presented a particular session of the course to the rest of the instructors. Any instructors who have not had the training will not be permitted to instruct.

Registrations are being accepted for the National Youth License Course to be held in June The fee for the NYL is set at $580. Registrations for the National Youth License Course are limited and filing up quickly. Registrations are also being accepted for the US Soccer National “C” course to be held in August. The fee for the “C” License is set at $710. Both courses will be held at the Fredericksburg Academy.

The 95 Boys team, coached by Grant Smith and Chris Pearson, and the 96 Girls team, coached by Ann Germain and Kate Samsot, finished second in the ODP National Championships. The 96 Boys Team, coached by Matt Badiee, Bill Lanza, and Alex Pinto, finished fourth. Gordon congratulated the coaching staffs, administrators, and players of these teams. Denise noted that funding for the National Championships is not in the US Youth Soccer budget for next year, but hopes it will be reinstated with support from the Regions.

The 98 and 97 Boys and 98 and 96 Girls are leaving next week for the international trip to the Loire Valley Region of France. Each team will play four games, including one game against the top club team in Paris.

An allegation that an ODP head coach had used his ODP position to recruit a player to his team was reported to VYSA. Gordon Miller followed up and discovered the allegation to be false. The ODP coach is the head coach of a different age group pool that the club team he coaches and none of the ODP coaches working with that age group pool are in the club of that ODP coach. The ODP Coach explained he ran an advertisement for players in Potomac Soccer Wire and the player attended his tryout from the advertisement. Gordon reported that ODP coaches are informed that any coach recruiting from ODP will be released. Gordon will create a recruitment policy which formalizes VYSA policy that ODP coaches agree to when they are hired, and will bring it to the Board meeting next month. The approved policy will be posted on the web site. Though the problem is often one of misperception, the Technical Department takes all allegations seriously. Any ODP coach found guilty of recruitment will be removed from the program.

The TOPSoccer Report (Attachment D) was distributed. Bob Sokolinsky reported the Region I TOPSoccer Symposium/Course is taking place this weekend in New Jersey. Sharon Wells from Loudoun Soccer will be a guest speaker, and Susan Mulligan from Chantilly Youth Soccer is attending. VYSA now has 32 people who have completed TOPSoccer training.

A TOPSoccer festival will be held in conjunction with the Kohl’s American Cup scheduled June 23-24 at Patriot Park in Spotsylvania. The TOPSoccer sessions will be held indoors.

Bob will attend the Fairfax Special Education Conference on this coming Saturday to promote TOPSoccer in that area.

TOPSoccer programs and numbers are growing. Loudoun Soccer will hold sessions in both the eastern and western ends of the county beginning this spring. Bob is training new buddies at Stafford Area Soccer on Sunday. Fauquier County Soccer/ Virginia Soccer Association have 60 members signed up.

The Soccer Across American Report (Attachment E) was distributed. Loudoun Soccer is hosting a fiesta on May 12th in Leesburg from 4:00-7:00 pm. First Touch Sports and International Football Club are planning fiestas for June.

The Adjudication Committee Report (Attachment F) was distributed. A hearing concerning an allegation of referee abuse/violation of VYSA policy on misconduct by coaches has been rescheduled for March 26th.

An allegation of referee assault is being investigated. Two allegations, one concerning referee performance and coach behavior and the second concerning player to player misconduct by a team member from another state committed at a Virginia tournament, were determined not to be within the Adjudication Committee’s jurisdiction.

It was reported that Wayne Gardella has be added as a member of the Adjudication Committee.

The Adjudication Manual has been updated on the VYSA website to include all recently approved changes.

Robert Helms and Ken Bass reported on the efforts of a subcommittee to develop a policy that would limit transfers of players between clubs when the player has outstanding financial obligations. The Board discussed a draft of the policy and asked the subcommittee to continue developing the draft based on feedback from the discussion.

Denise Edwards reported that a club applied to host a tournament with U8’s playing 6v6 with keeper. The tournament director was contacted and the rules have been corrected. The tournament director then informed the State Office that other U8 teams playing in a cross-over league are playing greater than 5v5 with a goalkeeper in order to “get ready” for U9 travel. US Youth Soccer Policy on Players and Playing Rules state, 5v5 with no keeper at U8, in Rule 303. The rules on small sided games have been adopted by VYSA. Concernwas expressed that clubs will leave if VYSA insists on not allowing higher numbers of players on the younger teams. All agree that small-sided games are what is best for our younger players, but some believe that local areas should have some leeway in setting team sizes. There is a question about what to do with clubs that are already set up for spring 7v7 play. The Board recommended that DOCs educate clubs about the benefits of small-sided games. VYSA ‘s philosophy has always been one of working with its members through education rather than legislation. The Board agreed VYSA needs to find a way to keep our clubs and not lose them to other organizations.

Gordon noted that much research and effort went into the setting of US Youth Soccer’s guidelines concerning small-sided games. He is in complete agreement with the guidelines, as basic skills can only be taught well in small-sided games; there is time later on to prepare for travel soccer. He believes clubs need to be educated as to the importance of small-sided games at the younger ages.

A recommendation was made that Gordon talk to the DOCs of the clubs involved in these cross-over leagues and ensure that they know the importance of following the guidelines. No sanctions will be enforced this Spring, but it is important that the clubs get back into compliance. Gordon was asked to report back to the Board at either the April or May meeting.

It was noted that the players in the cross-over league also play in VYSA clubs where they play under US Youth Soccer guidelines, and that these leagues merely provide another opportunity for them to play the game.

Denise Edwards reported on an email sent to the Board regarding a proposal from a company who is willing to work with VYSA on a capital campaign for development of the field complex. Denise and two other Board members met with an individual from Capital Development Strategies, LLC and were very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of the complex, as well as her experience and success rate. Denise proposed hiring this firm to create a plan to study feasibility of the complex, to help VYSA identify potential donors, and to formulate a clear understanding of exactly what is needed, including a time line.

The planning study will stress the value we have already received from the agreement with the county donation of the land when approaching donors. The plan will be written in the next several months, and then the fund raising will start. The plan will include hiring a professional staff member who will be in charge of developing the campaign A motion was made and seconded to accept the proposal from Capital Development Strategies, LLC at a cost of $40,000, plus limited expenses, to complete the planning study over the next 4-5 months. The motion was approved.

Denise Edwards reported that she had spoken with the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association President about player insurance, as North Carolina does not pay insurance for players playing in other states. Denise asked the Board to accept an agreement with North Carolina that North Carolina will pay insurance for Virginia players playing in North Carolina and that Virginia will pay for North Carolina players playing in Virginia. The Board agreed.

Denise Edwards reported that former Vice President of VA Rush, Ralph Downey, had recently passed away. The Ralph Downey Memorial Day Classic was named for him. He and his family had been so pleased that he had the honor of having the tournament named for him while he was still living and able to enjoy it. Denise urged everyone to remember to honor special people while they’re alive.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:55 pm.

Prepared by
Julie Caramanica
VYSA Administrator

Next Board Meeting is April 18, 2012, at the Crowne Plaza Richmond West.


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