March 2012 Minutes Cover

March 21, 2012 Minutes

*1 Approval of Minutes-January and February Minutes Approved
*2 President’s Report-Results of Elections at Federation AGM Reported
*2 President’s Report-Waiting on USOC Clarification on Use of ODP Logo Requirements
*2 President’s Report-Transgender Player Allowed to Participate as Girls Player
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Convention Revenue Low, but Expenses Also Much Lower
*2 Treasurer’s Report-UBS Account Lower Due to Movement of Funds, but Fund is Doing Well
*2 Secretary’s Report-Italia Club Considered for Membership, Still More to Review
*2 Secretary’s Report-First Touch Sports Court Approved for Membership
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Spring Registrations Due April 1st
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Nominations for Awards Now Due September 7th
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Employment Certificate for Young Referees Not Required
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Convention Information Resported
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Good of the Game Clinics Held, Coaching Ed Schedule Busy
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Training Sessions Required for instructors for New E Course
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Registrations for NYL and C Course Now Open
*3 Technical Director’s Report-ODP Teams Compete at National ODP Championships
*4 Technical Director’s Report-Four ODP Teams Travel to France Over Easter Break
*4 Technical Director’s Report-Allegation of Recruitment by ODP Coach Found Untrue
*4 TOPSoccer Report-Region I Symposium to Take Place This Coming Weekend
*4 TOPSoccer Report-VYSA Guest Speaker and One Attendee to Region I Symposium
*4 TOPSoccer Report-Festival to be Held at VYSA Kohl’s American Cup
*4 TOPSoccer Report-TOPSoccer Numbers Are Growing, Several Clubs Participating
*4 Soccer Across America Report-Loudoun to hold Fiesta in May, Others Planned
*5 Adjudication Committee Report-Hearing Rescheduled, Other Reports not in Jurisdiction
*5 Adjudication Committee Report-Manual on Web Site has been Updated
*5 Committee on Club Bad Standing Report-Policy Draft Presented to Board, Input Received
*5 Committee on Club Bad Standing Report-Policy to be Completed with Input Included
*6 U8 Small Sided Games Report-Board Discussed Whether to Permit More Players
*6 Capital Campaign-Board Approves Enlisting Company to Conduct Planning Study
*7 North Carolina/Virginia Player Insurance-Two State Associations Agree to Cover Players
*7 Good of the Game-VYSA Mourns Loss of Long Time VA Rush Volunteer

A. Treasurer’s Report
B. State Administrator’s Report
C. Technical Director’s Report
D. TOPSoccer Report
E. Soccer Across America Report
F. Adjudication Committee Report

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