May 23, 2012 Minutes Cover

May 23, 2012 Minutes
Items of Special Interest

*1 Approval of Previous Minutes-April Minutes Approved as Corrected
*1 Board E-Mail Votes-Approved
*2 SRC Report-State Referee Committee Requests Funding for New Apprentice Program
*2 Finance Committee Report-Review of Technical Department Budgets Conducted
*2 Finance Committee Report-Now Tracking Equipment Purchases
*2 Finance Committee Report-No Mileage Reimbursement for ODP and Academy Coaches
*2 Finance Committee Report-No Mileage Reimbursement for Coaching Ed Instructors
*2 Finance Committee Report-ODP and Academy Coaches Fees Increased
*2 Finance Committee Report-Different General Ledger Format Approved
*2 Finance Committee Report-KidSafe per Player Fee Approved by Board with Budget
*3 Finance Committee Report-Proposed 2012-2013 VYSA Budget Approved for AGM
*3 Concussion Committee Report and Presentation-Recommendations Considered
*3 State Administrator’s Report-Registration Numbers Near Prior Year Final Figures
*4 State Administrator’s Report-Nominations for Awards Are Due September 7th
*4 State Administrator’s Report-Form SRC Chair Gil McCallister Passed Away
*4 State Administrator’s Report-Bob Sokolinsky Recognized for Participation in Fairfax
*4 Secretary’s Report-Nominating Committee Report Distributed
*4 Secretary’s Report-Changes to Requirements for Travel Player Passes, No Signatures
*4 Secretary’s Report-Board Approved No Signatures Required for Recreational Passes
*4 Secretary’s Report-Requirement of Original Birth Certificates for Registration Confirmed
*4 Good of the Game-Planning Study for Capital Campaign is Being Conducted

A. State Referee Committee Apprentice Program Report
B. Proposed 2012-2013 VYSA Budget
C. TOPSoccer Committee Report
D. Treasurer’s Report
E. State Administrator’s Report
F. Technical Director’s Report



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