February 2013 Minutes

PLEASE NOTE: This VYSA mailing is being sent to each members’ Chief Executive Officer presently on file at the State Office unless another individual has been designated to the State Administrator, Julie Caramanica. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL RECEIVING THIS MAILING TO DISTRIBUTE TO ALL APPROPRIATE OFFICIALS OF THEIR CLUB OR LEAGUE.

February 20, 2013

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, Inc., was called to order by President Denise Edwards at the Crowne Plaza Richmond West at 7:40 pm. Board members present were:

Denise Edwards President
Debi Honaker Secretary
Ken Bass North Recreational Commissioner #1
Bob Sokolinsky Southeast Recreational Commissioner
John Singleton West Recreational Commissioner
Anne Thompson #2 WAGS Travel Commissioner
Chris Friant #3 VSLI Travel Commissioner
Bill Mueller #4 SOCA Skyline Travel Commissioner
Karen Klumpp #5 ODSL Travel Commissioner
Richard Smith #6 NCSL Travel Commissioner

Board Members Bob Maynes, Jim Bonfils, Tom Gross, and Dave Amsler were excused. Also present were Julie Caramanica (VYSA Administrator) and Gordon Miller (VYSA Technical Director).

A motion was made and seconded to approve the January 23, 2013, minutes. The minutes were approved.

The Treasurer’s Report (Attachment A) was distributed.

The Board went into Executive Session.  When the Board returned, it was announced that Steve Bender had resigned his position on the Board of Directors.

The State Administrator’s Report (Attachment B) was distributed.

Julie Caramanica reported that Glenvar Booster Club is the only club that has not paid Fall registration fees and is therefore still in bad standing.

Fall registration numbers are up from last year.

Spring registration fee notices and Spring registration data notices will be sent to the membership in March. Spring registration fees and data are due April 1st.

All data is now being submitted electronically into our database. The staff had a meeting with Demosphere to learn more about the system and how it works. The meeting was very informative.

Julie noted that communication with club and league officials is made through Constant Contact. She asked that club officials not have their names removed from the contact list, as it is essential that they receive notices from VYSA.

Region I has requested nominations for its Hall of Fame. Virginia is considering several deserving individuals.

The VYSA Convention was a success, although numbers were lower than in previous years. Surveys have been sent to the attendees, presenters and exhibitors for feedback.

The US Youth Soccer Convention in Indianapolis was very informative. Reports will be distributed by email.

Flowers were sent to Grace Anne Monaco when she had surgery and a thank you note was received.

The Technical Director’s Report (Attachment C) was distributed. Gordon announced that the E Course with new content is now being delivered. There is also a new methodology for the D course. Staff is being trained in the new course content.

A Recreational Directors’ Workshop is planned for April. Good of the Game clinics continue to be conducted.

The Technical Directors’ Workshop was held the day before the VYSA Convention with 75 TDs and DOSs attending. It was very well-received. Some presenters also did sessions at the VYSA Convention. A comment was made that it was difficult to hear some of the clinicians during the demos. It was suggested that wireless microphones be used.

VYSA is hosting the USSF “C” course and the National Youth License course this summer. Applications are being accepted for both.

The Virginia Friendlies will be held this weekend in Williamsburg. Teams from North Carolina and Region 1 will attend, and more than 200 games are scheduled. Upcoming ODP activities include the National Championships, March 1st -3rd at which the 97 VYSA ODP Boys will compete, in Texas. The Italy trip for the 99 and 98 Boys and the 99 and 97 Girls, will take place March 24th through April 3rd, and the Region I Tournament in New Jersey, is June 7th through 9th.

The TOPSoccer Report (Attachment D) was distributed. Bob Sokolinsky noted that Sharon Wells received the Dave Williams TOPSoccer Exemplary Service Award and Will Olson received the TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year Award at the VYSA Convention.

Chris Hershey from NY West conducted TOPSoccer sessions at the Convention. Attendance was good and Chris gave “kudos” to the event.

Bob will be attending the Fairfax Special Education Conference on March 2nd in Alexandria.

The Soccer Across America Report (Attachment E) was distributed.

Denise Edwards learned that the Virginia Legislature took up two bills, one concerning Goal Safety and the other on Concussions. She spoke with a VA legislative staff member who asked for a written statement from VYSA regarding the Goal Safety bill.

Denise informed him that the Board had not had an opportunity to do any research on the bill concerning goal safety due to the speed with which it went through the House. Denise noted that the bill has unintended consequences that may force thousands of players to not be able to play and that the impact would be greatest in lower economic areas. Denise plans to work with a group to study the bill’s potential impact. The bill as written requires goals to meet standards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to be tip-resistant, such as Kwik Goal’s fusion goals. Any new goals bought after November 1, 2013, would have to be tip-resistant. It was noted that it is likely that all recently purchased goals already meet these standards; the real concern will be liability from older goals still in use. There is also the possibility that any new goals would have to be installed in ground and not be movable at all. This is particularly bothersome for goals used on turf fields. VYSA needs to be involved in the year of study to educate the General Assembly about all the implications. It was noted that this would have been easier if we’d known about it during the committee stage. Meetings will need to be held with clubs to formulate plans of how to proceed. Denise asked the Rec Commissioners to talk to their clubs and others involved.

The proposed bill concerning concussions fell a few votes short of going to committee. The bill may still come up for vote but is not likely to pass. The bill currently states that anyone using public school property must abide by the concussion control guidelines used by that school.

The Board went into Executive Session. When the Board returned from Executive Session, it was reported the Board approved the job description memo and the Committee to select an Executive Director will proceed.

Denise reported that the Kohl’s American Cup will be held over Father’s Day Weekend. Lisa Wilson is the director of the tournament. Denise will ask the Finance Committee to compensate Lisa for the extra work as tournament director.

Denise noted that some Spotsylvania Recreation teams have wanted to participate in the Kohl’s American Cup, but are ineligible because they are not VYSA members. In an effort to strengthen ties with the county, Denise asked if players wanting to enter the Kohl’s Cup could pay a reduced fee of $6 to become members of VYSA from June through August and therefore be eligible to play in this tournament. A motion was made and seconded to allow Spotsylvania recreational players to pay a $6 member fee for this year only to play in the Kohl’s Cup. The motion was approved.

Debi Honaker reported that she received an application for membership from Elite Development League in Spotsylvania. They have met all criteria for membership, and she recommended acceptance. A motion was made and seconded to accept Elite Development League into membership. The motion was approved.

Debi reported on a rule clarification required by the National Championship Committee. Anne Thompson explained the club pass rule, where a player released from a team remains a member of that club until he/she transfers to another club. A motion was made and seconded that a player remains a member of the club to which he/she is registered until the player transfers and is rostered to another club. The motion was approved.

It was reported that staff member Lisa Wilson will be out of the office for some time while her husband recovers from complications from surgery. VYSA is asked to keep her family in their prayers.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 pm.

Prepared by
Julie Caramanica
VYSA Administrator

Next Board Meeting is Wednesday, March 20, 2013, at the Richmond Magnuson Grand Hotel (formerly the Crowne Plaza Richmond West).


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