May 2013 Minutes Cover

May 15, 2013 Board Meeting


*1 Approval of Previous Minutes-April Minutes Approved
*1 Treasurer’s Report-Distributed
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Registration Numbers Near Prior Year Final Figures
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Nominations for Awards Are Due September 7th
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Annual General Meeting June 15th in Fredericksburg
*2 Soccer Across America Report-Distributed
*2 Adjudication Report-Distributed
*2 TOPSoccer Report-Festival to be Held in June, Valley AFC Awarded Grant
*2 TOPSoccer Report-Program in Need of Extra Medals, Awards, Etc.
*2 Ratification of Vote-Board Ratified Vote for Approval of ODP Referees by E-Mail
*2 Request to Play Down-Board Does Not Make Exception for Players to Play Down
*2 Finance Committee Report-Proposed 2013-2013 VYSA Budget Approved for AGM
*2 Finance Committee Report-Format of Financial Reporting Has Changed
*3 Finance Committee Report-Changes in Budget from Prior Year Explained
*3 Executive Director Report-Many Applications Received, To be Reviewed by Committee
*3 Double Signature on Checks Reviewed-No Change in Policy
*3 Nominating Committee Report-Only Nominations were for Current Board Members
*3 Nominating Committee Report-Central Rec Commissioner Will Not Run Again
*3 Cups U13 Roster Size-Board to Consider Change from 18 to 22 Player Rosters
*4 League Votes at AGM-Clarified Voting Process in Reference to League Dissolving
*4 Secretary’s Report-Travel Database System Nearly Ready, Voluntary Release Changed *4 Presidents’ Meeting-Report of Discussions from US Youth Soccer Meeting in Dallas

A. Treasurer’s Report
B. State Administrator’s Report
C. Soccer Across America Report
D. Adjudication Report
E. Proposed 2012-2013 VYSA Budget
F. US Youth Soccer Statistics

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