September 2013 Minutes Cover

Minutes:  Board Meeting September 18, 2013


*1 Approval of August Minutes
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Health Insurance for Employees Being Reviewed
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Fall Registration Fees and Data Due October 1st
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Site for Convention Approved
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Risk Management Online Registration and Paperwork Due 
*2 Technical Director’s Report-Many Good of the Game Clinics and Courses Conducted
*2 Technical Director’s Report-VYSA Applied to Host National “C” and NYL Courses
*2 Technical Director’s Report-VYSA Requests to Host National “A” and “B” Courses  
*2 Technical Director’s Report-Coaching Ed Instructors Workshop Planned
*2 Technical Director’s Report-ODP and Academy Programs Running Well    
*3 State Cup Report-State Cup Running Smoothly Despite Early Start and Some Difficulties
*3 State Cup Report-Freeze Date for Rosters to Change for Future Cup Applications
*3 State Cup Report-National Rule for Roster Freeze to be Discussed at US Youth
*3 State Cup Report-Draw Results in 2 Teams From Same Club Competing in First Round
*3 Presidents Cup Report-Large Number of Applications Received for This Year
*3 TOPSoccer Report-Many Training Materials Received at Region I Conference
*3 TOPSoccer Report-Request for TOPSoccer Training in Coaching Ed Courses
*3 Adjudication Committee Report-Distributed                                    
*4 Ratifications of Board E-Mail Vote for Approval of New Club
*4 Board Discussed Separate Individuals Entering Travel Team Data and Being Registrars
*4 Future Board Meeting Dates Approved
*4 Award Selections Made for Coming Awards Reception at the Convention
*5 Secretary’s Report-VAILS Rec League Approved to Play Non-Members               
*5 Secretary’s Report- Monticello United and Latin Soccer Academy Approved for Membership     
*5 Vice President’s Report-Loan for Field Development Processed
*5 President’s Report-Actions at US Youth Soccer AGM Reported

    A.    Treasurer’s Report                       
    B.    State Administrator’s Report               
    C.    Technical Director’s Report
    D.    TOPSoccer Report
    E.    Adjudication Committee Report

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