November 2013 Minutes Cover

Minutes:  Board Meeting November 20, 2013


*1 Approval of Previous Minutes-September Minutes Approved as Corrected
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Report Distributed, Audit Near Completion
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Fiscal Year for VYSA for Land Preservation Changed to VYSA Year
*2 Treasurer’s Report-Investment Account to be Moved to Union First Market
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Clubs With Late Fall Registration Fees to Receive Letters
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Data Due and Must Match Registration Fee Figures
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Risk Management Paperwork Due from Some              
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Great Sessions for Convention Planned
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Dickenson Approved to Play Non-Member JV Teams           
*2 State Administrator’s Report-Halifax Requests VYSA Board Member to Speak with Club
*3 State Administrator’s Report-All Must Submit SSN for Background Checks
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Requests Clubs Encourage F Modules
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Good of the Game and Position Clinics Offered
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Rec Directors Workshop Being Done with Google Hangout
*3 Technical Director’s Report-National Youth License Approved, Still Waiting on C License
*3 Technical Director’s Report-ODP Interdistrict Scrimmages Taking Place
*3 Technical Director’s Report-ODP District Player Evaluations Completed
*3 Technical Director’s Report-ODP Boys to Attend NC Friendlies
*3 Technical Director’s Report-International Trip to Belgium and Holland in Spring
*3 Technical Director’s Report-Academy Complete, North Academies Held Festival
*3 Technical Director’s Report-F Module held in Wise, U8-U10 to be at Convention
*4 Soccer Ac ross America-Report Distributed, David Glass of First Touch Reported
*4 Adjudication Committee Report-Distributed
*4 TOPSoccer Report-TOPSoccer Sessions Planned for VYSA Convention    
*4 President’s Report-Will Attend Summit in Dallas This Coming Weekend                            
*4 Secretary’s Report-DC Player Development Academy Approved for Membership         
*5 Approval of New Central Rec Commissioner   
*5 Vice President’s Report-Complex Work is Progressing
*5 Good of the Game-Former Coach Selling Soccer Goals
*5 Good of the Game-State Cup Schedule Explained

    A.    Treasurer’s Report                
    B.    State Administrator’s Report                
    C.    Technical Director’s Report
    D.    Soccer Across America Report
    E.    Adjudication Committee Report
    F.    TOPSoccer Report

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