Summaries of Some Items Available
    100 Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual
An indispensable tool for anyone coaching youth players. This manual contains a gold mine of information for novice as well as experienced youth coaches. Using an educational and sport science foundation rather than a simple collection of drills allows the youth coach a better understanding of the player. A few of the topics covered include: The Art of Coaching, Learning Through Game Activities, Characteristics of Effective Coaching, Successful Player Development, Tactical Awareness and Team Concepts, Correcting Technique, Competition and Player Development.
    105 Youth Soccer Parent/Coach Primer: Basic Philosophy & Techniques of Coaching Young Players
Humorous insights, training sessions and diagrams throughout the book present a complete picture of understanding and training for young players ages 6 to 9 years old. The co-authors’ philosophy is for young players to enjoy the sport through productive training sessions and appropriate, non-contrived competition. This book is used as resource material for the State Youth Coaching Modules.
    108 Assistant Coach Series - U12 Activity Aids for the Parent/Coach
This book focuses specifically on tactics for the Under 12 player and coach. Tactics are defined as a player’s decision related to offensive and defensive situations that are continually occurring. With diagrams and drills the coach begins to introduce the player to the thinking aspects of the game. The book presents 20 training sessions for Under-12 players, with emphasis on technical training that includes tactical implications. Used as resource material for the State Youth Coaching Modules.
    122 US Youth Soccer Embroidered Patch
This item is the perfect way for your State Association, league, club, or team to show its affiliation with US Youth Soccer. The embroidered patch features US Youth Soccer’s primary logo.
    503 Soccer Start Program Manual
This booklet provides background information on how to develop and maintain a local Soccer Start program for children living in under-served or low-income areas. Helpful tips on how to recruit players and volunteers, get financial backing, and organize a training session. This brochure also contains a troubleshooting guide and a section for frequently asked questions.
    125 US Youth Soccer Bylaws
The US Youth Soccer Bylaws set forth US Youth Soccer policies regarding the organization, membership, responsibilities of elected positions, budgeting, grievances, disputes, appeals, and amendments to the US Youth Soccer charter and bylaws.

  106/107 Assistant Coach Series - U6, U8, and U10 Activity Aids for the Parent/Coach
The purpose of this series is to assist the youth coach with a basic understanding of coaching youth players. The books explain in detail how to prepare for training sessions and teach the fundamentals of soccer. The books also cover material that will allow the coach to introduce a philosophy that focuses on development in a low stress, fun-filled environment. The goal is to give the coach an organized structure, which applies to the particular needs of his or her team. With this in mind, the coach will be able to create their own sessions utilizing the four essential ingredients of a typical practice session: warm-up, individual activities, small group activities and large group activities. Finally, the books give a description of the characteristics of Under-6, 8 and 10 players, and how coaching should coincide with the player’s age. Each book includes twenty individual practice sessions. Used as resource material for the State Youth Coaching Modules.
    120/121 Stickley Figure and US Youth Soccer Lapel Pins
These items make great team giveaway or goody bag items that accent any jersey or bag. The Stickley Figure lapel pin features US Youth Soccer’s mascot, Stickley, juggling a soccer ball, while the US Youth Soccer lapel pin features US Youth Soccer’s primary logo.
    115 Policy on Players and Playing Rules
National policies regarding player registration, proof of age, roster limitations, multiple rostering, international clearances, adult games, use of ineligible players. Includes rules of play, length of games, overtime periods, uniforms.
    109 Coaching the U12 Player - Years of Refinement (Continuation of the Parent/Coach Series)
The objective of this book is to present a frame of reference for the Under 12 coach. Discussions of what the coach can expect from a player of this age and suggestions as to how to deal with the player are offered. The coach is shown how to create tactical awareness because of the added success in technical execution. The book emphasizes, however, that these are still young players who enjoy fun in their play. Used as resource material for the State Youth Coaching Modules.




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