Materials Available Through VYSA
Qty Item Description of Items for Sale Price Total
  1010 Assistant Coach Series: U6/U8 Activity Aid $3.00  
  1020 Assistant Coach Series: U10 Activity Aid $3.00  
  1030 Assistant Coach Series: U12 Activity Aid $3.00  
  4170 US Youth Soccer Handbook for Small-Sided Games - Spanish $ .50  
  2020 FUNdamental Soccer Tactics of Champions $1.00  
  2050 Coaching the Team $5.00  
  2080 Coaching the Player $5.00  
  4250 TOPSoccer Program Manual $2.50  
  4260 Soccer Start Program Manual $2.50  
  3031 FIFA Laws of the Game $3.50  
  3020 VYSA Pin $1.25  
  1080 US Youth Soccer Lapel Pin $2.00  
  1085 US Youth Soccer Stickley Pin $1.50  
  1090 US Youth Soccer "The Game for All Kids" Pin $1.50  
  3001 VYSA Embroidered Patch $ .75  
  1090 US Youth Soccer Embroidered Patch $2.50  
  3060 Baffled Parent’s Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer $11.50  
  4180 The Novice Coach DVD, U6-U8 $4.00  
  4190 The Novice Coach DVD, U10-U12 $4.00  
  4195 Positive Parenting DVD $4.00  
  4200 Skills School DVD $4.00  
    VYSA Coaching Education DVD $5.00  
    VYSA Recreation Coaches Handbook $4.50  
    VYSA Club Technical Director Program $3.25  


Qty Item Description of Free Items Price Total
    US Youth Soccer Bumper Sticker FREE  
        V10 VYSA Programs and Service  FREE          
  V13 VYSA Olympic Development Program               FREE  
  F2 US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program FREE  
  F26 US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Program FREE  
  F4 US Youth Soccer Parents Guide Spanish Version FREE  
  F9 US Youth Soccer Across America - A Program Overview FREE  
  F14 Welcome to US Youth Soccer FREE  
  F15 Welcome to US Youth Soccer Spanish Version FREE  
  F17 US Youth Soccer Principles of Conduct FREE  
  F18 US Youth Soccer Post Card THE GAME FOR KIDS FREE  
  F20 US Youth Soccer KIDSAFE A Risk Management Program FREE  
  F30 US Youth Soccer Tournament Risks - a Direct Kick to Safety FREE  
  F33 US Youth Soccer Pocket Guide FREE  
   F34  US Youth Soccer Pocket Guide Spanish Version FREE  

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