VYSA Volunteer of the Year

Each year, VYSA selects a deserving individual from nominations it receives to be awarded as the VYSA Volunteer of the Year. The criteria for that award is as follows:

1. Nominations for Volunteer of the Year must be submitted to the VYSA State Office at :
                 VYSA   5450 Southpoint Plaza Way     Fredericksburg, VA 22407
                 or by fax to 540 693-1440 

2. VYSA Volunteer of the Year may be male or female, adult or youth.
3. Volunteer activity must be at the Team, Club, League, or State level.
4. For the Volunteer of the Year award, team coaches are not eligible in their team coaching capacity.
5. A nomination must be accompanied by a resume of the volunteer’s activities with the soccer community.
6. The nominee may not be paid for soccer services. (Paid for the position in which they are nominated.)
7. Material and/or contributions to VYSA or its member organizations cannot be the principal component of the 
8. Volunteer activity must have been for the good of the game and for the good of youth player members of VYSA.

The individual selected will also be nominated for Region I Volunteer of the Year and if selected for US Youth Soccer Volunteer of the Year.

US Youth Soccer Volunteer of the Year Criteria for selection for the National award is:

(a) An individual may be nominated and selected as the Volunteer of the Year for extranordinary accomplishments as a volunteer if the individual--

      (1) was a volunteer for a VYSA team, club, or league;
      (2) is an excellent role model for the community beyond soccer;
      (3) has favorable relations with other member of the soccer community;
      (4) demonstrates a willingness to promote players and soccer;
      (5) is a positive role model for all volunteers;
      (6) is of sound moral and ethical character;
      (7) through participation, has increased the opportunities for others to participate in soccer;
      (8) has not previously received national or other significant recognition from US Youth Soccer for contributions to soccer,
            but is well known in his or her community and is a true hero of grassroots soccer; and
      (9) has not received any compensation for the volunteer efforts.

Nominations must be sent on the Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form by the deadline date indicated.
Please click here for the Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form.
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