Has Your Club Signed up for the US Youth Soccer Club Directory?

US Youth Soccer Club Directory Launches 

24-hour access to clubs in your area
Great tool to connect with those looking for soccer clubs, leagues and associations
US Youth Soccer is launching a new, free service to USYouthSoccer.org with the club directory.  In an effort to assist those seeking US Youth Soccer programs in their area or maybe an area that they’ll be moving to in the future, the Club Directory will provide 24-hour access to club, league and association searches via USYouthSoccer.org. 
Leaders don’t delay, be the first to register with USYouthSoccer.org and upload your club information today.
How do I add my organization to the directory?
  1. Register with USYouthSoccer.org to set your personal log-in information
  2. Click the Club Directory link and add your club, league association information [under the About Us tab]
  3. You’ll see your organization name, website, city and state information now listed 
Looking for Tournaments?  Check out the US Youth Soccer Tournament Database
Another US Youth Soccer member benefit is the US Youth Soccer National Tournament Database on USYouthSoccer.org.  This database is useful for to find all approved soccer tournaments across the country.  To add your tournament, please contact your state association to send notification of your event.
Have you seen the new website?  Check out www.USYouthSoccer.org today!
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