Tryout Information
If you are unable to attend tryouts:
1. Please still register online
2. Contact your District Head Coach AFTER the tryout weekend has passed and let them know you were unable to attend.  They will arrange a time for you to be seen.
You must tryout in the same location you will be training!
If you were selected to the 2016-17 Region I ODP pool, please contact Jessica Cottet for tryout registration instructions.

2016 ODP District Tryouts
  Online registration will close at 10am on July 29, 2016
July 22-23 July 29-30
West District - Closed
Southeast District - VA Beach
Online registration will close at 10am on July 30, 2016
August 6-7
Central District - Hanover
West Central District - Charlottesville
North District - Click Here

District Training Information
ODP District Training
District ODP training is not just about the tryout process, but it provides yet another avenue from which players can grow and develop.  While a player’s club is his / her “home”, district ODP training provides an environment where players are playing with and against the best players in their respective district.  It is also gives the state ODP staff a chance to work with, train and gather additional information on the players before the inter-district play.
After the ten District ODP training sessions (two of which will be play days amongst the district pools) the state ODP pool will then be selected and the state ODP pool training will begin.  Scouting will be used to supplement the tryouts by identifying players that we either missed or deserve to be back in the program.
High level players that purposely bypass the district training in hopes of going straight into the state pool training exhibit characteristics that are not conducive to top flight soccer.  We are looking for players to play for the state that exhibit the skill as well as the character and work ethic to train at all levels of the program.

What do I wear to my training sessions?
All players should wear their Inaria training shirt provided by VYSA
with plain black shorts and plain black socks.

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