Virginia Youth Soccer U5 Lesson Plans


Let us start by saying that the Technical Department of the VYSA (and most National Staff Coaches) is categorically against starting children playing in an organized youth soccer league before the age of five (i.e.U5). In our opinion, four year olds should be playing in a completely unstructured environment that is devoid of the rules regulations that come with being part an organized sport--that is to say, no teams, no marked fields and no formal games.


Having said that, we recognize and acknowledge that more and more clubs around Virginia have already begun U5 programs. Thus, instead of allowing these children to enter the sport without the proper guidance and direction, we have put together lesson plans and activity papers that will help the coaches and organizations get these players started off on the right foot. It is important that the first introduction into soccer be a quality one for all those involved.


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First draft--Roger Underhill, President, Colonial Heights Soccer Association

Further development--Bob Maynes, Dir. of Coaching, McLean Youth Soccer; Jim Sullivan and Matt Harrison, Curt Onalfo Soccer

Final development, revision and review-- Gordon Miller, Virginia Youth Soccer Association Technical Director and

                                                                   David Linenberger, Virginia Youth Soccer Association Assistant Technical Director


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