Reduce the Risk of Sexual Abuse and/or Explotation of Youth

10 Things to Do to Reduce the Risk of Sexual Abuse and/or Exploitation of Youth 

  • Never fill your coach slots with a “warm body.” Check background, experience and history of each coach.
  • Do not allow an adult to come, unsolicited, into your program solely to coach children of a particular gender or age.
  • Create structure where multiple adults share responsibility for the well-being of each team.
  • Follow up with players who leave a team without explanation. Minimally, a phone call asking about the reason is essential.
  • Educate parents about the expectation that they will raise issues to the coach and the club to assure issues are properly addressed.
  • Have a strong and strongly enforced rule prohibiting fraternization.
  • If there is concern about the motives of a new or unfamiliar coach, consider asking a more experienced coach to co-coach for a few sessions and to mentor the new coach.
  • Require all team travel to be preceded by a plan for lodging, supervision and other details and to be signed by all parents and players.
  • No club volunteer should be alone in a vehicle with a child who is not part of their family or household.
  • Avoid being isolated with a child.
  • Avoid leaving a child unsupervised.


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