VYSA Risk Management

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Although soccer may appear to be a game with little risk, it has its share of hazards. Risk Management in any youth sport is a never ending job for everyone. When the term risk management is discussed, many think of KidSafe and background checks. Risk Management is much more. It is everything from goal safety, field safety, weather safety to club fiscal responsibility. KidSafe Disclosure Forms and Background Checks – make every effort to provide a safe environment for every player. But, it is also about protecting the coaches, the administrators, the parents and the spectators.

Education is our most important tool in promoting risk management. This page will link you to helpful websites, power point presentations and to hand-outs that you can use at club or league level. If your League or Club has prepared something that you can share, please email me at js1ton@aol.com. Together, through sharing our knowledge and discussing issues of risk management, we can create the safest possible environment for everyone involved in VYSA.

If you have any questions or topics you’d like to see included on this page, please contact the state office, VYSA@aol.com or John Singleton, VYSA Risk Management Chairperson, at js1ton@aol.com

**Many thanks to USYSA Region IV Risk Management for their assistance in developing this information.

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