VYSA Young Female and Male Referees of the Year
Policy on the Selection Process
I.                    PURPOSE
        It is the purpose of this policy to provide standard requirements and procedures for selecting the VYSA Young Female and Male Referees of the Year.
 II.                 ELIGIBILITY
To be eligible for nomination and selection as the VYSA Young Female or Male Referee of the Year, an individual must:
1.  be18 years of age or younger on July 31 of the current calendar year;

2.  be currently registered as a referee with the USSF;

3.  have been currently registered within DC/Virginia for at least one year;

4.  reside in the District of Columbia or Virginia ; and

5.  possess personal qualities reflecting accomplishments as a referee, a student, and a member of the community.

1.  Anyone may nominate an individual to be the VYSA Young Female or Male Referee of the Year.

2.  A nomination must be submitted on a copy of the standard VYSA Nomination Form (attached to this policy).  Copies of the Form are available from the VYSA State Office, the State Referee Office, and the State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA).

3.  There should be attached to each Nomination Form sufficient documentation and solicitations attesting to the accomplishments of the individual being nominated as a referee, student, and contributing member of the community.  These materials should be as specific as possible in citing accomplishments and personal attributes.  Form-type letters will not be considered.

4.  The SYRA is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate announcement soliciting nominations and a copy of the Nomination Form are included in the VYSA Touchline and the VYSA Board of Directors minutes before November 15 of each year.  The SYRA shall also coordinate with the SRA so that information about the VYSA Young Referee of the Year Program is included as part of any referee development program and local referee training programs administered by referee instructors.

5.  A completed Nomination Form for an individual, with supporting documentation and solicitations, must be received in hand (not postmarked) by November 15 at the VYSA State Office to be considered.  An individual whose Nomination Form is received after that date will not be considered.

1.  The VYSA State Administrator shall provide to the SYRA, as soon as possible after November 15th of each year, with a list of the names of the individuals nominated for the year as Young Referees and copies of all nomination forms and supporting materials for that year.

2.  The VYSA Board of Directors will select the Young Female Referee of the Year and the Young Male Referee of the Year at a Board meeting in December.

1.  The VYSA President will notify the individuals selected as the Young Referees of the Year of their selection.  On notification, the SYRA is responsible for contacting those individuals to make arrangements for their attendance, and their parents or guardians, at the VYSA Workshop where their awards will be presented.

2.  The SRA and the area referee administrators will contact all nominees not selected and those making the nominations and inform them of the results.
3.  VYSA is responsible for obtaining plaques and gifts to present to each Young Referee of the Year.

4.  The names of the VYSA Young Referees of the Year will be submitted to Region I of USYS for consideration and selection as Region I Young Referees of the Year.
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