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Travel Team Registration for the 2016-2017 Seasonal Year
Registration now OPEN
Every adult associated with VYSA, Travel Leagues, Travel Clubs, and Travel Teams must register on-line through the On-Line Risk Management Application This step must be completed before the league, club or team can register.  The names in those applications are populated using the individuals who have completed the Risk Management application.  A document to help you when you complete the Risk Management form can be found HERE.
An individual Travel League official must register the Travel League.  This link was emailed to your League administrator.  
An individual Club official (President or Administrator) must register the Club through the On-Line Club Registration 

The Travel Team Registration is now available.  Each travel team must be registered by one individual through the On-Line Travel Team Registration formA document to assist in this process can be found HERE.  The primary team contact must have registered through the on-line Risk Management application above prior to starting the team registration.
2016-2017 On-Line Club Application
Each club MUST complete the On-Line Club Application each year. 
Only one Club official should enter information for their club. 
The following information is required:
  • The Official Club Name, Address, Phone Number, email address and web site (if the club has a web site)
  • Name of Club President or Chief Executive Officer
  • Name of Registration Coordinator 
  • Name of Risk Management Coordinator          
  • League Representative
  • Travel League Representative    
  • Name of Treasurer/CFO
  • Name of Primary Contact
All of those designated for the positions listed above MUST be registered in the Risk Management Database (see Risk Management On line Application link) before beginning the Club registration.
No travel teams may register on line
before Club registration is complete. 
Travel team Officials MUST be registered in the Risk Management Database (see Risk Management On line Application link) before beginning the team registration for player passes and rosters.

Click here for the Online Club Membership Application.


Membership Registration for Clubs and Leagues

VYSA Clubs and Leagues register their players each seasonal year (September 1 of one year to August 31 of the next year).  Registration fees for players are due in the Fall and each month after as new players are added.  Below are the forms Clubs and Leagues are to use when sending player registration fees.

Player data is due each Fall and Spring.  Travel League data is collected through the VYSA online system, there is no need for Travel Leagues to do anything more.  Recreational Club data is to be sent to VYSA electronically.  Below are the directions explaining what is needed and how to submit the data. Note:Clubs using Demosphere for data collection need not send data, it is automatically collected in our system.

Background checks are required for all personnel (volunteers, employees, coaches and administrators) working in VYSA Clubs and Leagues.  The VYSA KidSafe/Risk Management Background Check policy and information regarding Risk Management can be found on this site under KidSafe/Risk Management. All Clubs and Leagues are required to submit the VYSA KidSafe Compliance Form confirming background checks for their club or league have been done. 

Registration Contact Information
VYSA State Office
10705 Spotsylvania Ave, Suite 201
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Phone:  540-693-1430
Fax:  540-693-1440  


Travel Teams: If you are looking for registrar information, checklist, or rules, 
you will find that on the travel leagues websites.
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