Fall 2016 NCS State Cup Announcement & Application
Application deadline is 4:00 PM on Thursday, August 18, 2016
Fall 2016 State Cup
Announcement and Application 
Fall State Cup Play for the 2016-2017

The Virginia Youth Soccer Association will sponsor competition this Fall for the U15, U16, U17, U18 and U19/20 boys and girls to determine the 2016-2017 VYSA State Cup Champions
The entry fee for State Cup competition is $400.00. This fee is paid by credit card on line at the time of application.
The following items must be in the VYSA State Office by the appropriate deadline:

(1) A completed on-line application form. All parts of the application form must be filled in.

(2) A credit card payment paid on line at the time of application. No other form of payment will be accepted.

(3) A copy of your approved 2016-2017 VYSA State Cup roster printed from the online Travel Team Registration site with the online stamp of  Deborah Honaker the VYSA registrar. The copy of the Registrar stamped State Cup roster must arrive at VYSA State Office no later the than the deadline.

Your league roster will not be acceptable for State Cup entry.

Please make sure the roster you send with your entry is the one that says VYSA State Cup on the top. For any questions on this please refer to the State Cup Rules and Procedures or contact your club registrar.  

The application form for entry (which includes the credit card payment) completed on line and the VYSA State Cup stamped roster must be in the hands of the VYSA State Office no later Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 4:00 PM. Any application that does not meet the deadline requirements will be returned.

Completed applications include

(1) the application form filled out 
(2) $400.00 paid by credit card on line 
(3) the VYSA State Cup stamped roster

Teams with completed applications will be posted by name on the VYSA State Cup web page.It is always the responsibility of the coach of an applying team to confirm that his/her team has successfully met this deadline.
The Cup application will need to be filled out completely. There is a section at the bottom of the application to give us the history or your team. We will need all information you can provide us on the makeup of your team for Fall State Cup. The seeding committee will use this information during the seeding process. 

Any team of a member of VYSA and participating in a recognized league and properly registered (having an official VYSA roster and US Youth Soccer player passes), is eligible to enter any one age group corresponding to the age of the oldest player on its roster. The eligible leagues include all VYSA member leagues and the Eastern Regional League.

All players must have been registered on the official VYSA State Cup roster for 48 hours prior to the first State Cup game played in any age group for the Fall Cup Competition. The first Cup games will be scheduled for September10, 2016 so 12:01 AM September 8, 2016 will be the one freeze date for all rosters for Fall competition.

If a player is registered on a VYSA State Cup team 48 hours prior to the first State Cup game, the player may not compete in another VYSA State Cup for any other team during the seasonal year (Sept. 1 to Aug. 31). A team may have no more than five transferred players on its VYSA State Cup roster. A team may compete in only one State Cup competition during a seasonal year. Teams entered in State Cup must present a State Cup Roster.

This Fall, SAT testing falls on Saturday, October 1. The U18 and U19/20 age groups will have scheduling consideration on this date. The U15, U16 and U17 age groups will be scheduled to play on this date. Play dates will begin on weekend of September 10 and continue until the finals have been played on November 6.   


For the Fall 2016 State Cup, if the oldest player on your team was

        Born                          You will enter
8/1-12/31 1997/1998       U19/20
1999                                 U18
2000                                 U17
2001                                 U16
2002                                 U15

The Virginia State Championship Policies are on the VYSA Web Site. It is the responsibility of the team to access these rules and become familiar with them. The National Championship Series Policies will also apply. These policies may be modified by the VYSA State Championship Policies.

In order to keep all teams up to date on game schedules, results and sometimes changes to fields and times, it is very important for each team to provide an email address. During the competition the administrative information will be distributed by email. The game schedules and game results will be available on the VYSA Web Site.

VYSA has a Web Site for your convenience and information. All of the State Cup forms, the 2016-2017 Seasonal Year Cup Calendar and the VYSA State Cup Rules are available. The web address is www.vysa.com

VYSA State Office
5450 Southpoint Plaza Way
Fredericksburg VA 22407
540-693-1440 fax
540-693-1430 phone

State Cup Director Boys Cup Chair Girls Cup Chair
Anne Thompson Bill Cunningham Cathy Mann
Home 703 569-0543 Home 757-615-5223 Home 703-447-0139
Cell 703-963-4583 Cell 757-615-5223 Cell 703-447-0139
E-Mail annetomsn@aol.com E-Mail kingbillc@gmail.com E-Mail cathymann@aol.com

Teams entered in State Cup are expected to be available on all game dates. VYSA will do its best to play the schedule as published; however inclement weather or major unforeseen circumstances can interrupt any schedule. State Cup competition will proceed each weekend until competition is completed and any date may become a rain date.

As a team entering State Cup I acknowledge that our team officials have read State Championship Policies. We agree to abide by the rules and procedures prescribed for State Cup competition and understand the obligation to travel. We accept that a team may not forfeit because of dissatisfaction with the Cup requirements and understand any such forfeit or any refusal may preclude acceptance in future competition and failure to compete as scheduled will result in forfeiture of our entry fee and additional fines will be imposed as stated in the VYSA State Cup Rules, Region1 Championship Rules and National Championship Rules

To agree and apply to enter State Cup, please click here.

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