RED CARD Violations and the SIT-OUT Requirements

A Reminder to all Players, Managers, and Coaches:

Be sure to check the Red Card List on the State Cup Web Page.  If you have received a Red Card in a previous National Championship Series Event, regardless of what that event was, you are required to serve a Sit Out in the very next National Championship Series game that you participate with.
Failure to serve that required Sit Out has serious consequences for all concerned, as stated the Section II.F of the National Championship Rules:
F. Eligibility Rule Violations - Violations of player or team eligibility rules will result in the forfeiture of any games in which an ineligible team or player has participated. Any coach or team official found to have rostered an ineligible player is, together with the team, ineligible to compete further in State Cup competition in the current seasonal year. Any coach, manager, or official found guilty of knowingly using an ineligible player is not eligible to compete further in National Championship Series competitions in the current and the subsequent seasonal year. The coach is ultimately responsible for verifying player eligibility. 
Therefore, check the list carefully.  The Cup Committee makes every effort to keep the list correct and up-to-date, but that all depends on the RED CARD being reported correctly and on time.  If for whatever reason you received a RED CARD and it does not appear on the list, that in no way removes the obligation of serving the Sit Out.
Finally, RED CARDS given during National Championship Series Events do not carry over to League or other Tournament Events and neither do RED CARDS given in those events carry over to National Championship Events.
Particulars to Know About the Quarterfinal Championship Round of Games in the Virginia State Cup
Especially the Differences Between These Quarterfinal Games and the Previous Rounds

Beginning Saturday, September 24, all divisions of the Fall Virginia State Cup Competition, except for the U16B and U17B divisions, will begin the Quarterfinal Round.

U16 Boys and U17 Boys will enter the Quarterfinal Round on October 1.

Please click 'continue' below, to review important information to help this round of games go smoothly. 

State Cup Game Schedule for Saturday, September 24th
Beginning of Championship QuarterFinal Round for all but U16B and U17B


At the bottom of this article is the link to the game schedule for the third weekend of Fall 2016 State Cup Competition.
When you look at the schedule always remember that the team listed on the left as you read left to right is the HOME Team while the other team is the AWAY Team.
Please refer to the email you received a couple of weeks ago from the Cup Committee outlining the responsibilities of both the HOME and AWAY Teams for each game on each game day.
This will be the First Round of Games for the Championship Round of Quarterfinals in the Virginia State Cup Competition. Refer to the article above this one for special game and score reporting requirements of this round.
Please remember to have all of your player and coach passes laminated and bring them to the game along with you State Cup Roster.
The weather for the past two weekends has been very hot necessitating a water break during the middle of each half of a game. The forecast for this coming weekend is for the temperatures to be much cooler.  Be sure to bring water to the game and hydrate well before the match, during the middle, and at the end. A mandatory water break during the match will be at the referee's discretion if the weather on game day is very warm; but do not expect one.

The following are key reminders for game day:

1. Traffic along the I-95 corridor is VERY HEAVY on Saturdays in the Fall.  Check the traffic conditions before you leave and leave plenty of time for unforseen circumstances.

2. The same can be said for the I-64 corridor and the Tunnels going into and out from Hampton Roads. September and October still see a lot of Beach traffic on Saturdays.

3. In the event of a weather related cancellation, notification will be put up on the State Cup webpage asap.  The Cup Chairs will make every effort to contact the affected teams as soon as we are notified.

4. Scores MUST be called in as soon as the game is over.  Delays in calling scores into the phone service delay getting the schedule out for the next week.

5. Managers/Points of Contact, regardless of whether the team is a Boys or Girls Team, MUST call the Boys Cup Chair (Bill Cunningham, 757-615-5223) to report a RED CARD received by a player on their team immediately after the game is completed.

6. Finally, don't forget that the Manager/Point of Contact of the HOME Team for the Quarterfinal Matches and the WINNING team of the U16B and U17B matches must retrieve the Game Report from the referees at the end of the match and mail it directly to Bill Cunningham, the Boys Chair.  His address is on the game report form.

The Cup Committee hopes that every team and every player will enjoy the competition
this season as we welcome you to Fall 2016 State Cup!


Click here for the Schedule for Saturday, September 24th


For those teams that would like to stay in the vicinity of VSTC Friday and/or Saturday night, VYSA has arranged through THS for great rates at several nearby hotels.  Click below for more info.
In addition, every team that books 10 or more rooms will receive a VYSA “Gear Pak” for their head coach or team manager featuring an Inaria VYSA long sleeved t shirt, an Inaria short sleeved t shirt and an Inaria soccer ball! 


Fall 2016-2017 VYSA State Cup Brackets
 2016-2017 VYSA State Cup Fall
Under 15 Boys Bracket
Under 16 Boys Bracket
Under 17 Boys Bracket
Under 18 Boys Bracket
Under 19/20 Boys Bracket
Under 15 Girls Bracket
Under 16 Girls Bracket
Under 17 Girls Bracket
Under 18 Girls Bracket
Under 19/20 Girls Bracket
Missing Game Reports
8 Game Reports from 09/10/16 and 24 from 09/17/16 not received

As of today, September 23, Game Reports from the following winning teams for their games on September 10 and September 17 have not been received.  Please mail them to the address on the game form. Original game reports are required so please do not send a .pdf file or a photocopy.  Thank you

601 U16G SOCA-CHAR Elite 01 U16G 9/10/2016
706 U17G ABGC Fusion 9/10/2016
707 U17G VYS Phoenix '00 9/10/2016
1501 U15B NVSC United 02B BLUE 9/10/2016
1502 U15B REST Cyclones 9/10/2016
1512 U15B SYA Cardinals '02 Red 9/10/2016
1514 U15B MCLN 02B Green 9/10/2016
1808 U18B KIC Elite '99 9/10/2016
510 U15G SYA Cardinals 02G Red 9/17/2016
513 U15G LOUD 02G Red 9/17/2016
514 U15G HERN 02 Black Thunder 9/17/2016
616 U16G VLSC CCL Elite 9/17/2016
618 U16G Beach FC 01G Red 9/17/2016
622 U16G ARL 2001 G Red 9/17/2016
717 U17G ARL 2000G Red 9/17/2016
802 U18G NRUS U18 Girls Elite 9/17/2016
905 U19/20G Beach FC 98/99G Red Fyre 9/17/2016
906 U19/20G VYS Thunder Black 9/17/2016
1517 U15B ALEX 02 Boys Red 9/17/2016
1522 U15B SYA Cardinals '02 Red 9/17/2016
1613 U16B LOUD 01B RED 9/17/2016
1616 U16B NRUS 01 Blue 9/17/2016
1617 U16B FCR Magic '01 9/17/2016
1706 U17B GRFL 2000 Rovers Blue 9/17/2016
1711 U17B LOUD 00B Black 9/17/2016
1714 U17B RSK Richmond Strikers Elite 9/17/2016
1720 U17B ARL 2000B Red 9/17/2016
1804 U18B CFC Cosmos 9/17/2016
1812 U18B LOUD 99B Red 9/17/2016
1815 U18B DCST Blue Metros 1999 (U18) 9/17/2016
1819 U18B ARL 1999B Red 9/17/2016
1919 U19/20B SYC Strikers Blue 9/17/2016











Laminated Player Passes are Required
It has come to the attention of the Cup Committee that there are still questions about laminating player and team official passes. This is required.
  • Passes in plastic pouches that are not sealed or in plastic pockets in a notebook will not suffice.
  • Each pass must be sealed by lamination.
  • Please bring only laminated passes for each player and team official to the match.
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