Champions League Format Weekends
The Champions League Format games, as well as the
Semi Finals and Finals, will be held at the
Virginia Soccer Training Center in Fredericksburg, VA.
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Champions League Format matches.
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Champions League Format
Weekend 3
October 17 - 18
U15 Boys                    U16 Boys
U17 Boys                    U18 Boys
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Fall 2015-2016 VYSA State Cup Brackets
 2015-2016 VYSA State Cup Fall
Under 15 Boys Bracket
Under 16 Boys Bracket
Under 17 Boys Bracket
Under 18 Boys Bracket
Under 15 Girls Bracket
Under 16 Girls Bracket
Under 17 Girls Bracket
Under 18 Girls Bracket
National Championship Series, Virginia State Championship
Changes in the State Cup Competition Format and Bracket Presentation for Fall

Welcome to all teams entered in competition for Fall 2015 

This article outlines the format changes for the Virginia State Cup Competition beginning this fall. The result is a combination of both formats with the single-elimination being the format for the Round of 64 (if needed), Round of 32 and Round of 16 games in all divisions.  The Champions League tournament format will be played in the Round of 8 for every division with the 4 teams from each age group headed into the Semi Finals.    

With regards to the bracket presentation changes for those playing Virginia State Cup Competition it may help to give a brief description as to how brackets work especially for any new parents, managers, etc, who are unfamiliar with them.  At any level of competition some number of games are played in each round and the result is that half of the teams that entered that level move onto the next level and so on with each subsequent level until you get to the Finals where only two teams are involved.  

All of the Girl's divisions and the U18 Boy's division have 32 teams or less and therefore will work with a 32 team bracket to start with.  The U15, U16, and U17 Boy's divisions each had more than 32 teams entered which means that they will have games in the Round of 64. For those U15, U16 and U17 Boy's divisions you will see the bracket page has two tabs relating to the Round of 64 games that lead into their respective position in the Round of 32 competition.  Specifically you will see "Round of 64 Flight A" and "Round of 64 Flight B". Those designations of "Flight A" and "Flight B" refer to the top half and the bottom half  of the games that lead into the the Round of 32 bracket.   As we get to the Champions League format or the round of 8, all 4 teams in Flight A of the Round of 8 will compete with each other as will all 4 teams of Flight B of the Round of 8. The top 2 teams of each of these Flights (i.e., A first and A second and B first and B second) will then move on to the Round of 4 (Semi Final) with A1 playing B2 and B1 playing A2).

We hope that this improved bracket presentation of the competition will help teams as they go forward in State Cup. We are looking forward the new Cup Champions League.  We also look forward to hearing from you over the course of the season. Out best wishes to all who have entered the National Championship Series, Virginia State Cup Championship.


Welcome to the Fall 2015-2016 VYSA State Cup
Preliminary information on the new VYSA Champions League Format...

Entry into the National Championship Series of US Youth Soccer begins with State Cup Competition. The Fall age groups competing for the State Championship are U15, U16, U17 and U18 boys and girls. The calendar with administration dates and play dates is posted. 

This year the State Cup competition will include the new VYSA Champions League format. The games will be played single elimination beginning with the round of 64, round of 32 and round of 16. At the quarter finals, with the top 8 teams remaining in the competition, we will begin the Champions League format play. 

Each team in the quarter finals will play 3 games tournament style, one game against each team in their bracket. The first bracket will be the first 4 teams and the second bracket will be the 2nd 4 teams listed on the bracket sheet in the round of 8 (or quarter final round).

The top two teams out of each bracket will advance to the Semifinals. 

Play within the 3 game set for each team playing the VYSA Champions League format will be as follows:  

2 games of the 3 game set will be played at VSTC in Fredericksburg over one weekend, a Saturday and a Sunday game, and the 3rd game will be played in the Home and Away format with the team holding the higher seed going into the quarter final round playing home.  

The game dates for each age group will be made final after the applications have been received and numbers of teams in each age group has been determined, but a preliminary schedule has been established.  Teams must always be available to play on any assigned weekends listed as play dates on the State Cup calendar.

All single elimination games required for each age group will be played prior to the game schedule below and these game dates are on September 12, 19, 26 and October 3. Some age groups will require fewer single elimination rounds.

The preliminary schedule for the VYSA Champions League format at the quarter final round is as follows: 

  • U17 and U18 girls: September 26 & 27, one game each day at VSTC, home & away game Oct.17
  • U15 and U16 girls: October 3 & 4, one game each day at VSTC, home & away game October 17
  • U17 and U18 boys: October 17 & 18, one game each day at VSTC, home & away game on Oct. 24
  • U15 and U16 boys: October 17 & 18, one game each day at VSTC, home & away game on Oct. 24

Our schedule for Fall State Cup competition is full with every weekend a play date. Weather and unforseen circumstances can interupt the most carefully planned schedule.

All teams are expected to be available in the Fall each weekend leading up to and including the Semifinals and Finals scheduled for October 31 and November 1.  Any rain dates needed will be TBD.

Laminated Player Passes are Required
It has come to the attention of the Cup Committee that there are still questions about laminating player and team official passes. This is required.
  • Passes in plastic pouches that are not sealed or in plastic pockets in a notebook will not suffice.
  • Each pass must be sealed by lamination.
  • Please bring only laminated passes for each player and team official to the match.
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