President's Message Creating a Better Game for Kids Through Education:
by Denise Edwards, VYSA President

The vast majority of parents recruited to coach in recreation programs have little or no knowledge of the game or coaching experience. Coaching education for the novice is a very important factor in the level of satisfaction of the coaches, parents, and players in a program. Without the assistance of an established coaching education program in a club, the coaches are set adrift to find way to create a quality experience for the players on the field. This method could best be described as hit or miss. It is akin to closing your eyes, throwing the dart, and hoping for a bulls’ eye hit. The odds are overwhelmingly against hitting the mark. Maybe the novice will find a way to create the proper environment for the player and maybe not.

The Virginia Youth Soccer Association has an excellent coaching education program that is affordable and accessible to our member clubs. Clubs are encouraged to schedule the F Certificate modules for all of their recreation coaches. The process is simple and best of all the VYSA state office is here to assist you. Contact the VYSA Technical Dept. if you need assistance or guidance on developing a coaching education program for your club. Education is the roadmap to creating a better game for all kids.

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