Coaching Demonstrations
Travel Track                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Pressing Soccer - The Modern Way Gordon Miller 
Success in the modern game comes from the individual and collective abilities to hunt the ball and win it back as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Gordon Miller will conduct a session designed to identify the when, where, why, and how components of high pressing the opponent and then countering to goal. 
Goalkeeping - Briana Scurry
Briana Scurry, former US Soccer Women's National Team Goalkeeper, will instruct players and share her experience on this position.
Scoring Goals the Brazilian Way - Matt Badiee
Are you happy with how many goals your team scores?  Matt Badiee will conduct a variety of shooting and finishing sessions that the Brazilian National Team has utilized on its way to this summer's World Cup.
Developing Combination Play for the Top Player - Mark Parsons

Mark Parsons, Head Coach of the Washington Spirit, will take the players through a progressive session to improve their technical and tactical speed of play.

The Re-Thinking of Possession Activities - Paul Shaw

After years of research top European clubs have re-designed how they coach possession activities.  Paul Shaw will facilitate a session with U13 travel players that is designed to enhance their decision making by using a multitude of activities requiring the players' decisions to guide the final outcome.                              

Rec Track                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

TOPSoccer Class Demo - Auke Wiersma

My Favorite Activities U5-U7 - Brian Kuk and Karen Kelser
This FUN-tastic session features player-centric activities that will develop soccer skills.
U8-U10 F Module Coaching Education Course - Brian Kuk and Karen Kelser
 Additional Demos                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Soccer Across America - David Glass

This field demonstration will use players to show how to integrate life-skills lessons into on-field soccer activities, drills,and games.

  Referee Demos                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Free Kick Management - Jimmy Brooks

Attendees will participate in role-playing scenarios that will enhance the ability to manage free kicks in critical moments in a match.  They will learn to judge the appropriate distance to manage a wall and how to address the common gamesmanship tactics that can occur.


AR Drills - Jimmy Brooks
Assistant Referees of all levels are challenged with focusing on elements of play that are different from referees.  Positioning is rigid and requires the utmost focus and concentration. Attendess will perform exercises that will enhance the ability to recognize proper positioning for better decision making in offside situations.
RefereeTactical Awarenes - Jimmy Brooks
Referees will perform tasks that will divide attention while requiring to maintain information.  This challenging activity will simulate the concentration required to make quick and accurate decisions.  Attendees will become more aware of elements such as foul patterns, persistent infringement, and tactics used to defeat attacking play. Referees will develop techniques to make more accurate decisions on disciplinary action. 

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